Monday, July 30, 2012


So here’s my tumbling rant from tonight. You probably don’t care all that much, but this is a blog about me right? So I will right about me, and tumbling is pretty much my life.

 I’m stuck. I’m stuck on a silly thing that I’ve already fixed. I worked and worked, and then I got it! But then I lost it. I’m frustrated with myself, and my coaches are super frustrated with me.  And since I can’t get my body to cooperate with my brain I get to work drills over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over……….. And over again! I want to fix it I really do! I’ve just lost interest in this particular drill. The problem really isn’t the drill, but the fact that all my team mates are working new fun skills and I don’t get to move on from my drills. I know it will help me and I will be so glad when I get through this, but there where almost tears tonight. It’s hard when you are face to face with your coach (who by the way is leaving for a mission in a few months! I’m so excited for her!) You know you can do it, she knows you can do it, but for some reason you just can’t. (Oh! Sorry I forgot; don’t say the “C” word! If my coach heard that I would have 50 pushups!) So I’m eye to eye with my coach, whom I love dearly, and she says “I really don’t want to yell at you, because I don’t like to yell” I don’t know about you but I hate being yelled at! So I tried my very best to fix it. But not much luck. I didn’t get yelled at but I did get two disappointed, frustrated coaches and that’s never fun.  It was a hard night. But thanks to the best team mates in the world it wasn’t all bad. Thanks so much Tiger, Laquisha, and B for having such faith in me and helping me get through this. Tiger, you’re fantastic, and I’m so glad you were there tonight! 

Double mini, and Trampoline where both really fun though! My Trampoline pass is much better than it was last time I competed (hey! Maybe I will mobilize this time so I can finially move up! Last time I missed it by 2 tenths of a point…) Double Mini was a BLAST! We moved the Double Mini over to the pit! MY FAVORITE DAY! I absolutely LOVE when we get to do that! I just worked double front tucks today. Kept it easy, but really improved them.  I LOVED our burnout today! LOVED! (Not kidding!) After tumbling I decided to stay with one of my best friends who is on the school drill team, and needs to get her Ariel. It was fun hanging out with her, and some of my other team mates, and Trevor, who I haven’t seen in a long time in a more relaxed setting. I worked some skills that I didn’t get to work during class.
It was a frustrating night and there where almost tears at one point, but in the end it was alright. 

I’ve told you before, and I will tell you again, I love my team!
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EFY counselor

hmmm... what to write about???

This is a weird feeling. Not knowing what to write about. I always have something to write about. But not much has changed since yesterday so I don't know. I guess I havent written about EFY in a bit (haha funny how I write about EFY so much, yet i've only been twice) So I have this dream that I am one day going to be an EFY counselor because I have had some fantastic counselors. (Randi, Kjarinda, and Braden) I just want to be like them, and I want to do what they do. They had such an influence on my life I want to have that same influence on others. It started with Kjarinda my very first year, then Randi and Braden this year. I love them all so much and think about them constantly. So I have big plans for my life and EFY. I know these are kinda ridiulous and not that exciting of plans, I was just being funny and letting my immagination run while making them up with my best friend one day about a week after I got home from EFY. I thing it would be a good life, so here you have it:

I will start with attending EFY TWICE next year. One special edititon in Salt Lake with my best friend, and one stay at home sesion with my sister.

Then I will go to EFY every year at different places until I am too old.

Then as soon as I turn 20 I will become and EFY counselor

I will eventually become a BC

Then I will marry another EFY counselor

we will both become speakers for EFY

Then we will start a family

Our kids will go to EFY

We will become session directors for EFY

Our kids will become EFY counselors

We will become the CEOs of all of EFY in the whole world (My session director from my 1st EFY was the CEO for the whole world)

Now isn't that exciting?! I told my friend these plans and she laughed and said "just watch, you will be the one that gets married as soon as you get out of high school at 19 and you will never have the chance to be an EFY counsulor." Oh how I hope that doesn't happen... Because I realy want to be an EFY counselor!!! So there you have it, another post about EFY!

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympics in primary

So I got to teach primary today! I was teaching CTR 5 and I had the cutest kids. One of the little boys told me he watches the 'limpics. I asked him if he had watched gymnastics last night, and I told him I had. He got all excited and then he said "YES! The US did very well. The Chinese men usually do very well too, but they where struggling a little bit." Then he went on to tell me about the competition. It was hilarious coming out of a 5 year old mouth. This kid is my new favorite!
I also got the title of the "best primary teacher EVER!"
I was pretty proud of that!

Olympic Gymnastics

*Spoiler Alert*

So with the time change from London to here they don't air the Olympic events live. They air them during prime time several hours after they happen. Facebook however, posts things like results and pictures as they happen. There was a warning before the gymnastics events started on Facebook saying that if you didn't want to know results as they happen you should unlike the page, then re like it after the Olympics. I was not smart enough to heed this warning. I got on Facebook this morning and at the very top of the page it had results. And those results where shocking results.


The USA is in 1st with a score of 181.863, Russia in 2nd with a score of 180.429, China in 3rd with a score of 176.637, and Romania in 4th with a score of 176.264

(mens & womens both in 1st after prelims for team competition! Go team USA)

U.S. women individual finals
AA- Raisman and Douglas will compete in finals Raisman is in 2nd, and Douglas is in 3rd

{now this is where I was shocked! Jorden Wieber was the favorite to win gold. She was the "it girl" She has won every recent competition in the US and scored above Gabrielle Douglas, and Alexandra Raisman in every competition leading up to the Olympics. Including Olympic trials! Before prelims we all thought that Wieber and Douglas would be the two to compete. Wieber is in 4th after prelims, and because there is a rule where only the top 2 from each country may compete in finals, Wieber misses her chance at All around gold. I'm super sad for her, it broke my heart to see her tears and I just wanted to give her a hug. I agree with everything Bella Karoli said. This rule that only too 2 can advance NEEDS to be thrown out. If you don't let the best athletes compete how can you call it the all around competition? In my opinion all 3 Americans should advance to finals. My heart breaks for Wieber, but super excited for Raisman, because nobody thought she was going to have this chance. Good luck girls!}

Here are the U.S. individual event finals (finish in qualifications):
VT- Maroney (1st)
UB- Douglas (6th)
BB- Douglas (3rd), Raisman (5th)
FX- Raisman (1st), Wieber (6th)

So there's a different outcome than we all expected. I can't wait to see how the rest of the competition turns out!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


I feel like I haven't blogged in forever... But I blogged yesterday so I don't know what that's all about.

This morning I got up early (okay, okay it wasn't that early, but come on its summer!) to go boating with some of my teammates. It was me, Teri & her mom, and Kodee & his grandpa. It was Kodee's grandpa's boat and let's just say I had a BLAST! I wake boarded for the first time and I'm not to bad. I'm a little sunburned, and I'm super sore. Thanks so much Kodee for inviting us! & thanks Teri for letting me hitch a ride! I know what your thinking "Whitney! Why didn't you take pictures?!" but I kinda forgot, and I didn't really want my camera to get wet anyways.

So I'm staring at this calendar in my room... There's a problem with it. There are only 4 Saturdays left of summer. 4 SATURDAYS!!! I'm not ready to go back to school! This happened last year. I wasn't ready to go back, and then I dreamed about summer for the entire school year. But have no fear! I still have girls camp before I have to go back. 1 more trip to keep me sane through the summer. 1 more trip to help me dread going back. Because this has been the best summer ever. And I don't want it to end! (I feel like I've had to say that a lot recently. I also feel like I've said a lot of good byes recently too. Maybe it is time for a constant)

So there you have it folks. I'm a pretty good wake boarder, and I'm not ready to start high school. Ahhh! Wish me luck!

Feel my Sunlight

P.s. anyone watch men's Olympic prelims today?! Pretty awesome! They are in 1st after 1 day of competition. Go team USA! Can't wait for women's prelims tomorrow!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Party & a Cake!!

Look what I made!
Olympic Cake
Its red white & blue inside!!
Like my apron?? I made it myself!

Hey friends! Who watched the Olympic opening ceramonies?!? I DID!! We had a viewing party with my extended family. I also made this fantastic cake! (I know what your thinking...I should deafinatly be on Food Network.....right?) It was fun! As you all know from my last post, I'm obsessed with the Olympics. The opening ceramonies where fantastic this year and I can't wait for these competitions to begin. The Olympics always bring a sence of National pride. The Olympics bing the world together for a few moments. We put international differences aside and start fighting for the same thing. I'm so proud of team USA and I wish them all the best in every event they are competing in. I'm so excited to watch the gymnasts compete for our country. I'm so happy with our team this year and I hope we go far. I <3 The Olympics!

Go Team USA!!!

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My screen saver! Isn't it awesome??

Olympic opening ceramonies tonight! Anyone as excited as I am? I'm so excited I'm having a party tonight. I'll tell you about that later.

I can't believe Beijing was 4 years ago! Feels like yesterday. Im so proud of the US gymnasts. I can't wait for competitions to start. Its going to be an exciting olympics.
I think I'll go bake a cake with the olympic rings on it. Yup!

Photo: Click "SHARE" for the 2012 U.S. women's Olympic gymnastics team!

So get ready for all things Olympics, because I'm an olympics fanatic! And if you aren't a fan of the Olympics... I don't sugest reading my blog for the next few weeks.

Happy Olympics!

And may the odds be ever in your favor

(I had to add that...I watched Hunger Games again last night)

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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Click here!

So, I was looking at the EFY blog last night thinking "hey wouldn't it be cool if they posted my comment"

Then I saw it.

And I had a mimi heart attack.

haha That is so awesome!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A gym family

The greatest thing that ever existed.
The worlds best roll models, motivators, inspire you, make you want to strive to be better, and the ones who pick you up off the ground when you just can't manage by yourself.
Roll models, motivators, supporters, cheerleaders, make you laugh so hard you pee your pants...(well leotard), best friends, but most of all... family.

I <3 all="all" br="br" family="family" gym="gym" heart="heart" my="my" with="with">
We mess around, we do silly things, we crack our selves up, we laugh until we cry, we support one another, we share good times, we share hard times, we laugh, we cry, we hug, we cheer the loudest, and love the biggest. We are family

I love you guys so much! You have gotten me through some of the hardest times of my life without even realizing it. You are always there. I can always count on you. I can be having the absolute worst day and walk into the gym and it's instantly the best day ever. I have the sweetest memories with you. Thank you so much.

Feel my Sunlight

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A semi-nerdy post about irony

Oh me oh my!

 Today my family decided to make the trip to IKEA to get some shelves for our basement bathroom. [On our drive down we saw a dead carcass of an animal...note that.] Anyways, we got to IKEA and to our complete excitement we discovered that IKEA closes early on holidays and we drove all that way for nothing. YIPEE! So we hopped back in the car and as we left the parking lot through those dramatic IKEA flags the song Ironic by Alanis Morissette came on the radio.

 So about half way through the song, being the occasional semi-nerdy person that I sometimes am, I regurgitate the knowledge about irony that I learned from Mr. Thompson’s class. How nothing in this song is actually ironic, they are just unfortunate coincidences. I then go on to explain real examples of irony. My dad, being the kind of person he is, says “well what is the definition of irony?” I tried to explain, but couldn’t do it in a way my family could grasp the concept. We sit and argue about how to correctly use irony, and how situations why situations are and aren’t ironic. So my mom pulls out her trusty iPhone to look it up. And we get some crazy definition of irony that the human brain is not capable of understanding. (No wonder Alanis Morissette didn’t know what irony was!) My dad then goes… “Is there a layman definition?” (Then my 8th grader sister says “you mean a children’s definition?”) So she tries again and she finds this.

(Click here to go to the actual website that my mom went to!)

[Notice the dead animal carcass…HA!]

So my mom starts to read this definition of irony and can hardly get through the paragraph because all this time we have been arguing back and forth about irony. HAHAHA! So we laughed and laughed….because the ironic thing is, we were arguing about the definition about irony, so we looked it up and the definition we found says that irony isn’t important to remember, it just makes people argue.

Now that my friends is irony.

 So back to the Alanis Morissette song. As we read further through this entertaining/educating website we found this:


 HA! WIN! This fantastic website, gives the exact example that Mr. Thompson gave us, and I gave to my family. Nice work Mr. T

So, I thought about irony the rest of the way home, and when I got home I went and found that YouTube video that you watched earlier. I was reading through the comments and quite enjoyed this one.

 Actually, the song has no examples of irony. They are just examples of things that suck. However, because the song title is "Ironic" and actually contains no example of irony, the song itself is ironic. :D

 Haha! Smart thinking there imsospecial52!

 So I hope I didn’t bore you with my “smart talk” especially since its summer. And Mr. Thompson, I hope I made you proud by proving to you that I actually did listen in your class. So now I leave you with thoughts about irony to ponder, and also thoughts about school. (Sorry!) And now I can’t help but think that school is inching closer, and closer as we speak (well…type) and pretty soon this chick is going to be in high school! AHH crazy thought. Well, thanks for reading!

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