Saturday, March 2, 2013

It's a gymnastics day

Just finished watching American Cup. It was great. Congrats to Jake Dalton and Katelyn Ohashi on their wins. This new upcoming bunch rocks and I can't wait to see what they bring to the sport over the next four years. More about that on my other blog

Now I am watching the tri-meet between the Utah Utes, BYU, and North Carolina State. I am kind of bummed I haven't been able to attend any Utes home meets this year. Go Utes!

Like I have mentioned before I have the Kalon Ludvigson Invitational in Salt Lake in T-13 days. AHHH! I would love it if people came so if any of you friends and family would like to come let me know!

So that propbubly a boring post for most of you, but hey, it's my blog right?

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. My little sister has my USA gymnastics number memorized... don't ask me why, she did it on her own. ha!

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