Wednesday, January 16, 2013

17 minutes

I have 17 minutes of free time. 17 minutes in which I plan to write an intelligent blog post. Ready..... GO!

It is the last week of the term, and the week of the first tumbling meet of the year. AHHHH! I pray I will be ready. I am so done with school and am already fantasizing about summer.... EFY.... Trek....girls camp.....National Championships...4th year hike....more EFY. That's enough to send just about anyone in a coma and I am so excited! Only 141 days left. Not that anyone is counting.

10 minutes... 10 precious minutes. American Idol starts tonight! I am so --stoked! I am also Psyched for Psych to start in 42 days!!! {see what I did there?! Ha I think I'm funny.}

Dang my time is up! Well I promise to post a more meaningful/readable/writer-like post later. Until then...

Feel my Synlight

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