Monday, April 25, 2016

"I've never been good at the line dance."

Monday, April 18, 2016

"I think that's how plants work."

Monday, April 11, 2016

"Chapter 24 was talking about how Lehi gets dead, he almighty Nephi arises, and how his brothers don't like that."

Hello my favorite humans! How is everyone?

First of all, thank you so much to everyone that has sent me love recently. I don't know if I can express to you how much a simple email or letter means to a missionary 1925 miles away from home. So thank you so much for all the emails this week. They make my soul happy!

I am doing so good. Sister Hart is a rock star and we are having a grand ole time together. I love training her... like a lot!

Like always, I sent a few voice recordings. Contact my mom to get them!

This week was a good time. Some of the more particularly interesting parts of the week include temple service, night games, packaging meat for Second Harvest Food Bank, ZTM, weekly planning ice cream, setting up a "FREE LEMONADE AND BOOK OF MORMON" stand by CP housing, and STAKE CONFERENCE WITH ELDER EDWARD DUBE OF THE SEVENTY!

And some of the not so great parts of the week were when Sister Hart got food poisoning from some Urban Hibachi place, and when we had to drop one of our main investigators "A". That was really hard, but I'm pretty sure I will still be friends with her for a long time.

I have a testimony of how when one door closes, God makes sure another one opens. We received  several referrals this week, one of them being a girl named "V"! She is super awesome and we are so excited to teach her!

Elder Edward Dube of the seventy came for our Stake Conference. He spoke in the Oct 2013 General Conference and is from Zimbabwe! It was an incredible couple meetings! He talked about how he gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon and told us to "NEVER GIVE AWAY A CLOSED BOOK OF MORMON!" He also gave a challenge to every single person in the stake to either #1 bring someone to church that is not now attending that should be, OR find one person that is not a member and prepare them to meet with the missionaries BEFORE DECEMBER 31ST!! What an incredible challenge. 

So I'm doing pretty great. I mean, you can't be doing that bad when you've got yourself a black name tag and you spend your time setting up lemonade stands and talking to people about how much Jesus loves them. 

Jesus loves you.

Go drink some lemonade. (I'm wearing a shirt that has lemons on it at the moment. haha)

I love you more than I loved eating green jello with shredded cheese in it... I actually didn't like that very much... but I still like all of you... a lot!

Handstand contest

Us and the Hermana's getting ice cream last Monday

Nigel... our assistant ward mission leader that moved to Idaho on Thursday

Sister Reid

Thursday, April 7, 2016

"Have a great night! God bless America!"

Oh wow. I love everything.

I am training Sister Hart. She is sooooo awesome. Let me tell you all the awesome things about her. She's from Mesa AZ. She's 5' (tiny like me! although not quite as tiny..) She was a cheerleader so she understands all my tumbling talk! Her favorite fruit is grapefruit. (I'm telling you, we are the same person.) Anyways, she's basically the coolest and I'm pretty pumped to be her trainer. She was baptized in the church when she was 8, but never went until a year and a half ago so she considers herself a convert. She is so much fun to be around and we have had a party this week. She's also really good at finding and has no fear when it comes to talking with people. ahhh It's going to be a good transfer!

My favorite parts of the week were getting Sister Hart, the Relief Society Pizza party, Temple Service, District meeting, getting free froyos (frozen yogurt) because we are bffs with the manager Pierre, and CONFERENCE, Conference lunch in between Saturday sessions at Tijuana Flats, Saturday night Sushi at MiWa with Lacey, Jackie, and Meilin, and Dinner with Brooklynn Sunday night. I also particularly enjoyed contacting people in Walmart as well as contacting in some apartment complex's. Sister Hart has no fear when it comes to talking with people which makes finding SO MUCH FUN! ahh she's the coolest. 

I loved conference this weekend and one thing I loved so much was when Elder Holland said "Do you have any Idea how much we love you?" It just made my heart so full. I learned so much from this conference, one prompting I received while watching conference was actually from the song "there is sunshine in my soul today" I received the prompting that the gospel is sunshine and I have the great calling of giving that sunshine to people's souls. And In order to give it to these people I must show that sunshine through my face. So from that I felt prompted to smile more and to be joyful about my testimony, because what an amazing thing it is that we have Christ's restored gospel and all the blessings that come along with it!

Go share some sunshine.

This week was super duper fun! I am doing really well and am so excited to train Sister Hart. I made her make tweets (on note cards) to teach me the restoration this morning. haha it was a good time. I hope all is well I think I'll finish this email with my out of context quotes from the week. Please enjoy! 


"My favorite color is yellow and blue..." "Isn't that green?"

"Teancum... we can promise that if you throw your spear straight, you will kill someone."

"Have a great night! God bless America!"

"Where's the rest of the thirds?"

"I have no English in my mouth"

"We know a lot of the same people together."

I love you all more than Isaiah loves to be confusing! Have a wonderful day! I'm going to go eat some ice cream right now. #Blessed

Sister Reid
Sushi on Saturday

trainers selfie number two!

trainers selfie

First day with Sister Hart!

DAYTONA FRIENDS! (transfer meeting

I have taken a liking to sushi... it's a good time!

Elder Holland post-conference icecream

Pictures from our walk

a large sand hill crane

Saying goodbye to Sister Lewis!