Friday, January 23, 2015

Through the eyes of God

Wow January has been eventful and I've failed to write about it... typical.

I could rattle off all the cool things that happened to me this month, but somehow I don't feel like this would profit you much.

Being on seminary council I was privileged earlier this month to participate in testimony meeting with all of the class presidents at the school, in addition to all the seminary council members. As expected from this type of crowd you can imagine the kind of spirit that was shared in this meeting. There was enough testimony to cover you head to toe in happiness and lets just say that the inside of my heart was coated like hot glaze poured over a freshly baked doughnut.

I don't know how else do describe it.

As I sat there listening to the people that I joke around with, the people I send funny text messages to, the people I pass in the halls, and the people I follow on twitter, I was amazed at the conviction I could see in their eyes. I listened as my peers bore powerful testimonies. As I sat there listening to these students tell just how much they love their God, I couldn't help but think; "MAN! God sure does love them too. And he loves them a whole bunch."

Ever since that day I haven't looked at anyone in quite the same way. I learned that day that God loves the people around me so much. I began to see others through God's eyes and I began to see just how much he appreciated their individual sacrifice and devotion towards him. I also began to see the potential that He see in them.

I've heard it a million times, In fact, I recite the same phrase every Sunday... "I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father who loves me." We have been told since we were little that God loves us, but never have I internalized this like I did during this meeting. God really does love all of the people around you.

God loves that little kid that draws you pictures, God loves your friend that is struggling to enjoy seminary, and God loves the kid that can't get enough of it. God loves your friend whose parents are getting divorced, God loves the Cheerleader, the Theater nerd, and the band geek. God loves the boy who wants nothing to do with the gospel, and God loves the girl that is a self-proclaimed weirdo, God loves the heartbroken, and God loves the repented. God loves the kid that has a million friends, God loves the kid that has no friends. God loves your teachers, and God loves your students. God loves that girl who just turned in her mission papers, and the boy still trying to decide weather or not he wants to serve. God loves you.

I encourage you to try this week to see people as they really are. As sons and daughters of the God Almighty. Try your very best to see them as heirs to the kingdom of God. And I promise you that if you earnestly seek to see people in this way you will begin to understand them as God understands them, and subsequently you will begin to see yourself through God's eyes as well. Because He loves you so much.

 I attended a fireside given by Mallory Everton from Studio C last Sunday and I just want to eccho her words when she said that "This {the gospel} Is a good place to be."

I know that the truest happiness has come into my life because of the gospel. It is the very best place to be and my greatest desire is for those around me to feel this same joy.

P.S. I got an acceptance letter to BYUI yesterday! While I'm not fully decided on where I will go to college yet, I was excited to get that letter! :)

P.S.S. Like I mentioned above, I got to attend a fireside given by Mallory Everton from Studio C last Sunday. It was amazing and one of my favorite firesides that I have been to. Mallory is my very favorite actress on one of my favorite shows. If you aren't familiar with Studio C you need to check it out right now. I love her enthusiasm for life and I loved her message about being in the world, but not of the world. Thanks for such an awesome fireside Mallory! It was so fun to meet you!

P.S.S.S. On Tuesday I was finally able to go do baptisms for the dead at the Ogden Temple for the first time since it's been rededicated. I also need to mention that these four goons in the picture with me are some of my very favorite humans and that I'm so glad to have them in my life.

P.S.S.S.S. One of my cute tumbling students drew me this.... I can't handle how cute it is!

Last time I shared music suggestions I had several people tell me they loved it so I decided I'd keep it up! Here is what I've been listening to this week! Let me know what you think!

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Years Resolutions 2k15

Welp... here's to the first blog post of 2015!

2015? Wait really?

In my school district, the username you use to log into the school's computer system begins with the year you will graduate. I've been typing the number 15 into computers since kindergarten. Never did I think the year referenced in my username would actually come.

But here it is!

My last week of 2014 was a fun one. It started off with an awesome date with the ever cute Adam (but since I'm an awesome blogger I forgot to take pictures.) We went ice skating, ate food and hot chocolate, and played Mario Kart which I suck at. It was a blast and a half. Thanks Adam!

My last week of 2014 also consisted of long periods of time spent studying the life of Jesus Christ. I'm currently reading Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage, and by recommendation of Adam, I'm also reading The Infinite Atonement by Tad R. Callister. Both of which I recommend every person reads.

So here's to 2015!

The year I graduate from High School, graduate from seminary, decide what college to go to, turn in mission papers, and leave to serve a mission for my church.

Since it's such a big year full of big decisions and events I've made a lot of goals for myself so that I can be on the top of my game all year. I like to call these New Years Resolutions (clever name don't you think!?) So here are a few of my New Years Resolutions, and then a few New Years Resolutions given to us from the Prophets for our 2015 year.

1. Study the gospel every day. This is more than just read a chapter out of the scriptures and call it good. I want to learn and deepen my knowledge of the scriptures as well as study other things such as conference talks, preach my gospel and the books mentioned above. My next biggest goal after graduating from high school will be to serve a mission. I want to use the time I have right now to prepare for it.

2. Attend the temple at least twice a month, and every week when I can. The temple is one of the best ways to combat the influence of Satan in your life, and it also is one of the best places to feel the Spirit. It is the house of the Lord after all! I'm starting this one tomorrow at 9 in the AM!

3. Run a 10K... yikes! Several members of my extended family agreed to running 10Ks and half and full marathons this year. I can't wait!

4. Wake up early enough to do a little bit of yoga and eat breakfast every morning. My days are always so much better when I do this.

5. Be a better friend. I have some awesome people in my life right now. I want to spend more time with them and make as many memories with them as I can before we all part and go our separate ways. I also want to serve people every day.

6. Be a better blogger! I want to blog on a more consistent basis.

7. Look for the sunshine in my life and stop focusing on the shadows. Life is incredibly beautiful and is meant to be enjoyed. I want to see the joyful things and not stress too much about what I can't control.

And now that I've shared a few of my own goals for the year with you, hop on over HERE to find some New Years Resolutions suggested by our prophets

It's going to be an incredible year. I can't wait for what the future brings!

feel my sunlight

p.s. What are some of your New Years Resolutions?