Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Nothing's wet about my diaper

 Dec. 28, 2016

Wellllllllllllllllllll so I skyped y'all yesterday and so you pretty much know everything about my life BUT I guesssss I'll still write an email for all y'all that didn't skype me yesterday.. I guess.

Here's how my week went.

P-Day➡️Tuesday➡️Exchanges with my home girl Sister Badal and all my friends in Daytona➡️Christmas Zone Conference➡️Josh's Baptism➡️Christmas Eve➡️CHRISTMAS {& Skyping my kin}

So that's about it. 

Talk to you later byeeeeeeeeee

Just kidding.

I'll tell you about it. 

MONDAY we just had a normal P-Day. Then we saw the Hewletts. My best friends. I love them.

➡️Random insert: Elder Goff just walked into the church building wearing the same hat as me... incase you were wondering.

TUESDAY we started off our day at Habitat for Humanity. Always a good time! Then we taught Robbie and Kim the Plan of Salvation. ROBBIE IS SO COOL AND HE'S GETTING BAPTIZED IN JANUARY. We also taught them how they can be sealed together forever in the temple and how they can be together forever in the Celestial Kingdom and they thought that was a pretty good idea. Then we taught Josh. My #1 kid. He's such a champ. You should hear his prayers. We also saw Patrick and taught him the Plan of Salvation too. He was excited about it. HE'S ALSO GETTING BAPTIZED IN JANUARY!!

WEDNESDAY I got to be on exchanges in my homeland Daytona with my BFF Sister Badal (I call her Bad Al). We had fun. I got to see a bunch of people I used to teach when I was serving in that area. It was so fun.

THURSDAY we had Zone conference/Christmas devotional. It was so much fun. I got to see My Tongan Twin, Sister Mohenoa, and a bunch of other mission homies. Sister Glover and I somehow ended up doing a musical number with Sister Von Feldt, Elder Dummer, Elder White, and Elder Lieshman. Nobody died so I guess It went aiight. We also taught Josh and my home girl Milady that evening. I love that girl.

FRIDAY we weekly planned real quick. Then we taught Patrick the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then we swung on over to JOSH'S BAPTISM!!! It went so amazingly good. Here are some cute Polaroids from the 'tism. 🀘🏼🀘🏼🀘🏼

After the baptism we taught Tammy, then we went and had dinner with our new favorite family. The Littlefields just moved back from the U.K. Where they've been living for 18 months. They have all these cute little boys and when we were going to say a closing prayer the boys were all MOM CAN WE SAY OUR WELSH PRAYERS? And then they all said these cute little prayers in welsh and I decided that I'm moving to Wales so that my kids can learn welsh because it was the cutest ever. Then we went and saw the Hewletts. 

SATURDAY was Christmas Eve... incase you didn't notice. We made five thousand cookies (that's a lie. We only made five dozen.) to give to people. Then we delivered them and headed on over to the Wells family party. We did a "Christmas Presentation" for their whole family. It was a slightly awkward time because everyone was anxious to eat and we just held them all captive with Christmas videos. Hahaha it was really fun though. Then we ran on over to the Orbans to have dinner with them and the Shauvers. I was so full by the end of that dinner I wanted to cry. Haha but I had a blast and a half with them. Then we went and spent some time with our adopted Grandma, Sister Gruber. I always love seeing her. πŸ’› (Then we may or may not have opened all of our Christmas presents because we have no self-control. Hahahaha) #SorryNotSorry Sister Glover took pictures of me while I opened them and I discovered that I'm not a very photogenic present opener.

SUNDAY we woke up because we were supposed to meet the elders at the church and open Christmas presents together BUT Elder Pierson, Sister Glover, and I have no self control so we all just watched Elder Amiot open his presents. Hahaha the Elders also made us breakfast burritos. It was all a plot to get Sister Glover to eat deer meet without knowing it because earlier in the week she had made a comment to the elders about how she didn't like deer meat. Hahaha the burritos were good. Then we had church and MY LIL FRIEND JOSH GOT THE GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST FOR CHRISTMAS! 

Is. That. Not. The. Cutest. Thing. You've. Ever. Heard?

He was beaming.

Sister Glover and I sang in the choir. It was a fantastic sacrament meeting. Then we did like a thousand and a half lesson reports. Then we had lunch with the Spears and Sister Hutchinson. Then we ran on over the Bottom of NSB to the Biddle's house TO SKYPE OUR FAMILIES. 

Hahaha look at them all taking pictures of me.... haha awkward.

Then we partied with the big crew that was at the Biddle's house. We had a bunch of women decide to tell us ALL ABOUT CHILDBIRTH because we were definitely really curious about that...πŸ˜†πŸ˜... HAHAHAHAHAHA why? Then the elders walked in the room and heard what we were talking about and stuck their fingers in their ears and were all "la la la la la"


Check out this sweet bus Sister Glover and I found...

TODAYYY We are at the Deltona building with all our friends because we are having a white elephant gift exchange.

Welp... that's about all I've got for you today. Stay tuned for a few voice recordings... one of them is us pretending to be a part of Pentatonix. And I'll send some more pictures your way too. 


Here's to spending the entire year of 2016 in the service of the Lord! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰
*raises glass of grapefruit juice to the sky in celebration*

Here are some out of context quotes:

Sometimes I play my guitar like a water bottle 

Nothing's wet about my diaper 

That's what Dr. Phil says...

I love y'all more than Sister Glover loves Polaroid pictures. ✌🏻️Have a great week my friends. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sister Whitney Reid

Monday, December 19, 2016

"Where are you from again?" -Melody "Utah..." -Sister Glover "No You tall!" -Melody

For those of you who still need it for Christmas cards/what not here is my address...

Sister Whitney Reid
3900 Yorktowne Blvd. #5107
Port Orange, Florida 32127

MONDAYYY we had our normal P-Day adventures. We spent multiple hours in Walmart waiting for our Christmas cards to be done. πŸ˜‚ What a life. That night we met a guy named Bobby and then we visited my best friends (The Hewletts). We put up their Christmas tree because we are obsessed with Christmas.

TUESDAYYYY We went to #Habitat4Humanity and sorted clothes. I was going through the shirts and I found this gray and white stripped shirt and I was like "this is cute... I should buy this." Then I looked down and I realized that I was already wearing a gray and white stripped shirt.....  I bought it anyways. πŸ˜‚ Later we visited Tammy and she had us wash her dishes with shampoo again and then when we left she yelled to us to "bring our own dawn dish soap next time so that we don't use up all of her shampoo."

K... πŸ™„πŸ˜

Then we saw my buddy Josh. He's a champ. Then we taught Robbie and Kim at the Wholrab's house. Man! Robbie is so prepared I can't handle it and God just keeps handing us miracle people and I just keep looking up at the sky and saying "what did I do to deserve this God?" God is so good. After Robbie we taught Milady and crew. What a party.

WEDNESDAYYY Sister Glover was sicker than sick. So she slept all day and had a Book of Mormon read-a-thon and I did arts and crafts. I made a cute notebook for Milady so she can take notes in it when she reads her Book of Mormon.

️Side note: I know I've talked about it before, but Milady literally BRINGS HER BOOK OF MORMON WITH HER TO SCHOOL EVERYDAY AND READS IT DURING LUNCH BECAUSE SHE LOVES IT SO MUCH. who even is this girl? She's nine.

Yup. That's about all I did on Wednesday.

THURSDAYYY Sister Glover was still sick but she was also sick of the apartment so we went and taught the world about Jesus anyways. We had ZTM. It was such a good meeting. EXCEPT FOR THE PART WHERE ELDER GOFF AND ELDER DUMMER CALLED ME THE NIGHT BEFORE AT 10:15 AND ASKED ME TO "FILL IN" FOR THE MUSICAL NUMBER BECAUSE ONE OF THE OTHER SISTERS WAS SICK..... Luckily it was with three other missionaries so nobody could tell I literally didn't practice this song once before performing it to a group of missionaries. And nobody died or anything so I guess it went alright. πŸ˜‚

Sister Glover and I gave a training on Elder Bednar's talk from last conference. It went better than we had hoped and if nothing else I learned a ton from preparing it. Everyone should go re-study that talk!

After ZTM we taught our friend Brian with Brother Wescott. Then we saw my favorite kid, Josh. Then we met a guy named Bill. Good old Bill. Then we taught the Harbucks. YOU GUYS LISTEN UP FOR ANOTHER MANNA STORY!!!

So the parents are members, but fell away from the church before any of the kids were baptized. Patrick is now 20 and they still LOVE the missionaries. The week before we had stopped by and met Ross and Zoe. They were so nice and told us that their mom loves us and that we should come back when she is home. Then later we stopped by and met her and she was excited to see us and said that Zoe had mentioned to Patrick that we had stopped by and Patrick told his mom that he wanted to go back to the Mormon church. SO WE WENT BACK AND TAUGHT THE ENTIRE FAMILY AND PATRICK WAS ALL.....

 *base drop*

"I want to join the church."

*breaks out in awkward Indian tribal dance to celebrate the manna God has sent from heaven*

After our lesson with them we went to Brother Schmidt and Judy's. Always a good time.

FRIDAYYY we weekly planned and taught Josh. Then we visited Sister Gruber (my adopted grandma) and listened to her wisdom for a bit. Then we taught the Cintron's. They had family over that are members of the Daytona ward. We sang Christmas songs for them and at one point we had almost all of them in tears. I love doing that. Then we taught Brother Clausen about Christmas and he taught us how you can use any of the tools in his garage as weapons.

Good to know Brother Clausen... good to know. πŸ˜‚

Then we came home and began building a fort. It's tradition in my family to build a fort for Christmas and since Sister Glover is a pal she agreed to move our mattresses into the front room and build a fort to sleep in this week. Let me tell ya... it's one of the best forts yet.

SATURDAYYY I woke up in my fort and was very confused because I didn't know where I was. Hahaha we taught Milady and crew. Then we saw Brother Schreck, then we visited Cody and then Bill with Brother Portus, then we saw Brother Harper, then we saw my buddy Junior who is just the best little recent convert. Then we ran down to the church for the WARD SNOWBALL FIGHT!

Before the party Patrick and Zoe came for a lesson. We taught them in the chapel with Brother Adler. Patrick told us that when he walked into the building he started to tear up because he felt like he was coming home and he remembered how good it felt to come here when he was little. We had a solid lesson and Patrick is so prepared!

Then we went to the ward party and we hung out with Patrick and Zoe, and Cody and his little brother Jacob. It was so fun. And we had all kinds of other non-members and less actives come and I just kept having to pinch myself because it almost felt too good to be true.

AND THEN WE WERE JUST STANDING THERE WHEN ALL OF THE SUDDEN THE BISHOP STARTED THROWING SNOWBALLS AND THEN ALL THE MADNESS BROKE LOOSE AND THE ENTIRE WARD WENT CRAZY. And obviously the sister missionaries are a fun target for everyone so Sister Glover and I were diving under tables and everyone and their dog were throwing cotton snowballs at us and I don't know if I've ever laughed so hard in my life.

{Cody and Jacob}

{Kim, Patrick, Zoe, me, photobomb by Brother Biddle, and Sister Glover}

THEN after the massive snowball fight died down and we cleaned up the ward gave us strings and strings of Christmas lights and I about cried because I was so excited to put them in our fort.

SUNDAYYYY I went to church expecting a normal Sunday. I was greeting people and was looking in the chapel to see if any investigators had come in when ALL OF THE SUDDEN I SEE THE DANIELS FAMILY WALK IN THE OTHER SIDE! I don't think I've ever been so excited to see anyone in my entire life. I (almost) reverently screamed and ran to hug them all. I was so surprised and had no idea they were coming. The Daniels are a family that I grew up with. Lauren is one of my best friends in the entire world and she got home from her mission in Tahiti a week and a half ago and then their family decided to come to Florida on vacation and track me down. It was the sweetest tender mercy to get to see them. I GOT TO SIT NEXT TO MY BEST FRIEND DURING SACRAMENT MEETING... BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!!
Haha Sister Glover is still new to the ward so she doesn't know everyone and she thought they were just members of the ward so she was so confused as to why I was so excited to see them and was like "man... Sister Reid is really excited to see those members." And then she asked some other members that were standing by her what was going on. Hahahahaha


goodness gracious great balls of fire

Probably the best Sunday of my life.

AND THEN.. After church and choir Josh had his interview and he passed! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY *whip and nae nae*

Then the Steflik's picked us up for dinner. Their friend Kim came and SHE REALLY WANTS TO JOIN THE CHURCH AND WE HAD THE BEST FIRST DISCUSSION OF MY LIFE AND WE PUT HER ON DATE AND SHE IS ALL FIRED UP AND.... manna my friends.... I don't know what I'm doing to deserve all of these blessings.

Oh... and Sister Glover also got a priesthood blessing from bishop that casually mentioned that we were friends in the pre-mortal existence and that we will be friends thought the eternities. Coolest thing I've ever heard in my life.


"Where are you from again?" -Melody
"Utah..." -Sister Glover
"No You tall!" -Melody

"The only thing bigger than your muscles is my sombrero."

"You can go flame, but it doesn't melt!"

"I too just go butt first into the tree on the weekends"

"Utah... is that the land of the hogs?"

"Sometimes when God gives me good things like double wrapped tortillas it just makes me want to skat."

"Dear coffee I hate you cuz your DITSO!"

"You can get on my counter when we get home."

ALSO..... HERE IS A PICTURE OF OUR FINISHED FORT. The sheets need fixing, but you get the idea.

I love y'a more than I love sleeping In forts and having fake snowball fights.


Sister Whitney Reid