Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The world seems to think that beauty and greatness is what’s on the magazine covers. But the Lord has another standard. 

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I want you to picture yourself climbing up a ladder; at the top of the ladder both Satan and Christ have their hands outreached, they are both showing you something and are trying to get you to reach for it. Satan shows us comparisons. He shows us things that we will never be and deceives us into thinking that we have to have those things to be happy and to be beautiful. He makes us compare ourselves to the “model on the magazine”, the “36 on the ACT” and the “winner of American Idol”. What Satan shows us isn’t real. Christ shows us example. He lived a perfect life free from sin. He shows us what we should be. While both are similar in the fact that they are both holding something that is above you and that you aren’t yet they have very different tactics. Satan is sitting at the top with his hand stretched out to you just so that he can push you back down. Christ on the other hand, has his hand outstretched and is just waiting for you to grab it so that he can lift you higher. 

True happiness comes from striving to follow the example that Christ has set for us and not from trying to be what Satan and the world tell us we should be. 

You are so much more than what the world sees in you. You are a daughter of god. Reach to Christ.

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. You are Awesome

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Writing your script

I'm back!! Oh how will I miss the sweet taste of warm air and the lack of school, but I'm pretty sure I won't miss having my WiFi back because blog lover gotta blog. 

This week has been so good.

food waiting. It's a hard life.
St. George Temple!
with my dad and sista at the temple! #baptismsswag
Reunion with my amazing EFY counselor, Michelle. I pretty much love her to death.

Attending other peoples wards is always fun especially when you don't know anybody in the ward. 

Today as the person conducting got up and said "we have had a new family move into our ward!" everyone turned around to look at us while we smiled and sank down in our seats. I'm sorry tiny southern Utah ward, but I can't stay. Haha the awkwardness of the situation was so great that as soon as the closing prayer was said my mom says "let's hurry and leave before somebody talks to us." As we shuffled out the door.

Regardless, it was a great sacrament meeting. There was one thing that the first speaker said that really stuck out to me. She said something to the extent of 

"you are writing your movie script for your life. If you are the person that reads their scriptures and says their prayers every day, make sure it's in the script. If you are the kind of person that goes to the temple every month {or week}, make sure it's in the script. And then once we write it in the script, we need to act it out."

I loved this because for the most part we are all good people with good intentions, but too often we let life get ahead of us and we forget to set aside time for our scriptures or to attend the temple and before we know it we have missed our chance.

I don't think any of us would write 8 hours of Internet and TV into our script on purpose, but still it happens because we don't write anything at all.

If we set aside time for the good things by "writing it in the script" we will more likely be able to accomplish the things that make us the person that we want to be.

I think I'm going to go work on my script now. What about you?

Feel my Sunlight

P.s. Everyone needs to go watch the Saratov Approach. It's pretty much the greatest ever.
p.s.s. If you want to serve a mission don't bring your mom with you. ^^^ 
p.s.s.s. I have been reading this blog by this lovely chick. I can't get over how stinkin' awesome she is.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

filter out #usetheinternetforgood

I've been dancing around this opened tab for a while now. I really love blogging, like, it's right up there with food, and tumbling, and Temple Tuesday, but I don't always love starting the blog post. You know what I mean? There. I've started. Things are going to get better now.

Twitter just needs to stop, and Instagram just needs to stop, and Pinterest definitely just needs to stop. Blogger is fine. The trash on the internet should really just be turned into compost and used for something good. Like, can we please use Miley Cyrus' work as fertilizer for the flowerbeds on Temple Square?

I have an experiment for you... I want you to open Pinterest and start scrolling, stop when you see something that A. Swears, or B. shows a chick in just a bra. How long did that take? 2.7 seconds? That's what I thought.

I'm really tired of social media and all the garbage it has on it. now days, things like immodesty are a common thing and they don't even make us blink twice. So I'm going to take a vote... all in favor of ditching all social media for a day comment "I". (Except for bloglovin'. It's usually safe.) So tomorrow I am "going offline" kinda like I sometimes "go off sugar". I'll be back, but I need a break. Who's in?

The things written about, video taped, and recorded in today's social media is something that should be looked at with caution and carefulness. I agree it should be used, but in the right ways. It should be used to enlighten and uplift, not to destroy and degrade.

I was watching a video by Alex Boye earlier as I was dancing around this tab. It had nothing to do with social media, but what he said is significant,

"I believe we become 
            what we                    
             think about         
   the most."       
        -Alex Boye

If we spend all of our time scrolling through the things on social media sites, They will become what we think about most. I believe that if we want to "keep our eye single to the glory of God" {D&C 4:5}, we must not "keep our eye single to the things tweeted about on twitter."

Listen to Elder Bednar, he knows what he's talking about.


I know that social media can be a great thing. It can bless and uplift, It can teach and it can testify, but it is something that must be used correctly. I believe that if we all try to take a few extra minutes through our day to unplug and shutdown we will be more able to filter out the negative in our lives and we will be more able to see God's hand in our lives.

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. I really need some good books so that I have something to do other than sit on Twitter. Any suggestions?
p.s.s. Did anyone catch the Hunger Games reference?


Sunday, October 6, 2013

get your rod on

Two things.



 and this.

Your life is better now. 

I am in a ridiculously good mood right now. Conference was fantastic and I am finally registered for EFY express and I just can't wait! It's been a good day.

As any of you with a twitter know that the twitter overload that happens during conference is pretty crazy. Basically everybody on twitter tweets everything any of the speakers say included with there thoughts on just about everything. Its kinda fun. Out of all of the tweets I read to day my favorite by far had to be this one by Alex Boye...

I thought it was an awesome tweet and it is going on a sticky note on my bathroom mirror as a reminder to live everything said during conference. It is a reminder to hold fast to the rod and to follow the teachings of God. I also like how by saying "get your rod on" it as if you are putting on an outfit for everyone to see. We aren't just supposed to keep the commandments quietly, but we should be standing up to our beliefs and being an example to everyone around us. We are the Later Day Army. We are fighting for him and we want the whole world to see us that they might join us. So don't be afraid to "GET YOUR ROD ON!!"

For the rest of my spiritual message for this post all I am going to say is I want you to watch any session or talk that you may have missed (first video), and let Michael Mclean's music (2nd video) play sometime thought the next few days and really listen to what is being sung. Also, "GET YOUR ROD ON!!

feel my sunlight

p.s.  Isn't conference the best?

Friday, October 4, 2013

extraordinary ninety and nine

Let me start out by saying that today is Friday. It is also conference weekend and if either of those things didn't put a smile on your face I don't know what will.

Its been a long week of late night (or early morning, whichever you prefer) homework sessions and I am so very ecstatic that Friday has finally come because I thought it never would.

I'm smiling today because I filled my journal and started inking this new blue bright happy one.

Journals are the best.

Over the past few days I have been overwhelmed with love towards all of those around me. The kid that runs me over in the halls to say hi, the friend from the locker room that is the most encouraging positive person I have ever met, the girl that I see almost every Tuesday morning at the temple, all those in my seminary class that made me feel loved by writing me on their papers saying that I inspired them. the best friends that share inside jokes, the teammates that make me laugh and feel important, the teachers that actually care, the random person driving a school bus that had the biggest smile in the history of big smiles, the amazing girls in my ward that make it so fun to serve, The cheerleader friend from my theatre days that always takes the time to talk and say hi, The friends and counselors from EFY that post amazing inspirational things on social media sites and that aren't afraid to let their light shine, the two people that told me they adore my short cuteness the other day, the friends that share my excitement for conference, my amazing followers that read my blog and comment even though we have never actually met, the greatest Sunday school teacher ever that we can't figure out why he isn't a general authority, the bishop that laughs when we fill his office with creepy dolls, the cute girl that smiles at me in the halls every time she sees me even thought she doesn't even know me, the motivational speaker that made me realize that there are better things than walking the red carpet, they psych lover that sits behind me in History that has the best laugh on this planet, the people in my life with large trials but never a lack of faith, the missionaries, those fighting for my country, they blog friends, the co-workers, the aunts, the uncles, the grandparents, the tumbling inspirations.... the list could go on and on.

I have come to discover that there is great in everyone. That every person has something to offer this world and that if we take the time to notice the good things, instead of the negative things we will be filled with love towards these people. Everyone is extraordinary. You are extraordinary.

We need to remember that

"the worth of souls 
is great 
in the sight of God"

If we see others as God sees them we will begin to appreciate their company during this life so much more. We also need to remember that Jesus left the ninety and nine to rescue the one because the one was important. The one wasn't important because he was the wisest or the biggest, or the most popular, or the most famous, but simply because he was part of the herd. We are all part of his herd and he cares about all of us more than we could ever know. He loves the ninety and nine just as much as he loves the one, so if you find yourself part of the ninety and nine, or the one, remember that you are extraordinary and he loves you.

feel my sunlight

 p.s. CONFERENCE IS TOMORROW! Click on this picture to watch it!

Come listen to living prophets

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Oh, how true this is for me!!!
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The events that unfolded after I got home from work all started with me saying "hey dude, do you want to go to the store with me? I need to buy more journals" Not all that exciting I know,  but there is just something about journals that make me happy.

Like I've said before on this blog. I can rarely be caught without a journal buried somewhere in my bag or sitting in the car I'm driving. You never know when you are going to hear a magnificent quote that will change your life that will never be remembered if you don't write it down. Not kidding. Every time I leave my journal home this happens to me.

My journals are also the outline for everything you read on this blog. They are the notes I take on life before I publish my work. They are my thoughts. And I love them.

I didn't accuire this love for journals on my own. It started with EFY and the fact that my dad always has a journal open during church meetings. I just hope that with keeping these journals I can someday grow to be like these two men that where quite possibly some of the greatest dudes in history.

Great dude #1. His name was Nephi. Nephi kept two journals. One was a journal that held a record of the genealogy of his people and the other was a record that contained more spiritual things. (1 Nephi 19)

Great dude #2. His name was Joseph Smith. Read about Joseph Smiths journals HERE. Because "[They] are among the most important records that help us understand him and the development of the Church during his life."

Journals are cool

feel my sunlight

p.s. I also bought sticky notes today, but can't think of anywhere in the scriptures where sticky notes are important so I guess you will just have to take my word for how great they are.