Sunday, October 6, 2013

get your rod on

Two things.



 and this.

Your life is better now. 

I am in a ridiculously good mood right now. Conference was fantastic and I am finally registered for EFY express and I just can't wait! It's been a good day.

As any of you with a twitter know that the twitter overload that happens during conference is pretty crazy. Basically everybody on twitter tweets everything any of the speakers say included with there thoughts on just about everything. Its kinda fun. Out of all of the tweets I read to day my favorite by far had to be this one by Alex Boye...

I thought it was an awesome tweet and it is going on a sticky note on my bathroom mirror as a reminder to live everything said during conference. It is a reminder to hold fast to the rod and to follow the teachings of God. I also like how by saying "get your rod on" it as if you are putting on an outfit for everyone to see. We aren't just supposed to keep the commandments quietly, but we should be standing up to our beliefs and being an example to everyone around us. We are the Later Day Army. We are fighting for him and we want the whole world to see us that they might join us. So don't be afraid to "GET YOUR ROD ON!!"

For the rest of my spiritual message for this post all I am going to say is I want you to watch any session or talk that you may have missed (first video), and let Michael Mclean's music (2nd video) play sometime thought the next few days and really listen to what is being sung. Also, "GET YOUR ROD ON!!

feel my sunlight

p.s.  Isn't conference the best?


  1. Great post! I love Michael McLean's music, too! And what a fun message about holding onto the iron rod! Thanks for sharing!



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