Friday, October 4, 2013

extraordinary ninety and nine

Let me start out by saying that today is Friday. It is also conference weekend and if either of those things didn't put a smile on your face I don't know what will.

Its been a long week of late night (or early morning, whichever you prefer) homework sessions and I am so very ecstatic that Friday has finally come because I thought it never would.

I'm smiling today because I filled my journal and started inking this new blue bright happy one.

Journals are the best.

Over the past few days I have been overwhelmed with love towards all of those around me. The kid that runs me over in the halls to say hi, the friend from the locker room that is the most encouraging positive person I have ever met, the girl that I see almost every Tuesday morning at the temple, all those in my seminary class that made me feel loved by writing me on their papers saying that I inspired them. the best friends that share inside jokes, the teammates that make me laugh and feel important, the teachers that actually care, the random person driving a school bus that had the biggest smile in the history of big smiles, the amazing girls in my ward that make it so fun to serve, The cheerleader friend from my theatre days that always takes the time to talk and say hi, The friends and counselors from EFY that post amazing inspirational things on social media sites and that aren't afraid to let their light shine, the two people that told me they adore my short cuteness the other day, the friends that share my excitement for conference, my amazing followers that read my blog and comment even though we have never actually met, the greatest Sunday school teacher ever that we can't figure out why he isn't a general authority, the bishop that laughs when we fill his office with creepy dolls, the cute girl that smiles at me in the halls every time she sees me even thought she doesn't even know me, the motivational speaker that made me realize that there are better things than walking the red carpet, they psych lover that sits behind me in History that has the best laugh on this planet, the people in my life with large trials but never a lack of faith, the missionaries, those fighting for my country, they blog friends, the co-workers, the aunts, the uncles, the grandparents, the tumbling inspirations.... the list could go on and on.

I have come to discover that there is great in everyone. That every person has something to offer this world and that if we take the time to notice the good things, instead of the negative things we will be filled with love towards these people. Everyone is extraordinary. You are extraordinary.

We need to remember that

"the worth of souls 
is great 
in the sight of God"

If we see others as God sees them we will begin to appreciate their company during this life so much more. We also need to remember that Jesus left the ninety and nine to rescue the one because the one was important. The one wasn't important because he was the wisest or the biggest, or the most popular, or the most famous, but simply because he was part of the herd. We are all part of his herd and he cares about all of us more than we could ever know. He loves the ninety and nine just as much as he loves the one, so if you find yourself part of the ninety and nine, or the one, remember that you are extraordinary and he loves you.

feel my sunlight

 p.s. CONFERENCE IS TOMORROW! Click on this picture to watch it!

Come listen to living prophets


  1. Can I post a link to this post on my blog?? This is amazing, I love it!
    PS- how would I do that, anyway? Just copy/paste the URL...?

    1. yes of course!! How I link is I write whatever I want to appear, then highlight it and click on "link" in the toolbar, and copy and paste the URL into the box that says "to what URL should this link go?" and click "okay" and it should create a link.

      or just click "link" and fill out the boxes.

      Thanks!! :)

    2. I posted it! Thanks for the instructions! :D

  2. What an awesome post (and super cute blue journal!). :D I love how you took time to notice all the blessings in your life. What a wonderful reminder to all of us of the goodness this life has to offer. Oh, and I love "One of the Ninety and Nine"! Thank you for sharing!


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