Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The world seems to think that beauty and greatness is what’s on the magazine covers. But the Lord has another standard. 

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I want you to picture yourself climbing up a ladder; at the top of the ladder both Satan and Christ have their hands outreached, they are both showing you something and are trying to get you to reach for it. Satan shows us comparisons. He shows us things that we will never be and deceives us into thinking that we have to have those things to be happy and to be beautiful. He makes us compare ourselves to the “model on the magazine”, the “36 on the ACT” and the “winner of American Idol”. What Satan shows us isn’t real. Christ shows us example. He lived a perfect life free from sin. He shows us what we should be. While both are similar in the fact that they are both holding something that is above you and that you aren’t yet they have very different tactics. Satan is sitting at the top with his hand stretched out to you just so that he can push you back down. Christ on the other hand, has his hand outstretched and is just waiting for you to grab it so that he can lift you higher. 

True happiness comes from striving to follow the example that Christ has set for us and not from trying to be what Satan and the world tell us we should be. 

You are so much more than what the world sees in you. You are a daughter of god. Reach to Christ.

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. You are Awesome


  1. I love how you explained this! I get stuck comparing myself to others all too much, but life is so much better when I focus on Christ's example instead. This message is so great. Thank you for sharing!


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