Saturday, February 22, 2014

the greatest storyline

You know that feeling you get as you close an amazing book for the last time after reading the words "the end", or the way you feel as the credits roll on your favorite TV show's last season finally? That way it seems like in the end everything is over and finished and you will never be able to live in that story again. To me this feels as if something inside of me has died. Like I've just lost all of my friends and they can only come back through reliving the stories you've already been through.

I know this sounds way dramatic for a book or pictures on a screen but I ask anybody who lived through the Harry Potter era that has read all 3407 pages and watched all 17 and a half hours of footage that can honestly say they didn't cry when the watched this...

Crying yet? You should be.

Now, while stories and books always come to an end, our lives don't. Just like Daniel Radclif says about the Harry Potter phenomenon that "the end of the story [doesn't] end tonight." it is the same in our lives.

Our lives extend much further than than a few pages and a few hours on a screen. Our lives extend into eternity. And they do that because we have the greatest writer and director anybody has ever known.

Our writer is our God, and our director is our Savior, Jesus Christ. God wrote our lives in a way that they would extend forever, and because of our Savior and his Atonement, our lives are possible.

Now, just like in any story worth reading or watching, there is conflict. If there wasn't it would be a boring story.

There would be no story with out Voldemort, no excitement with out the White Witch, and no anticipation without factions. There would be no enthusiasm without the switch, no empowerment with out the shark, and no story without cloning. There would be no exhilaration without the Capital, no interest without the maze, and no anticipation without crime.

There would be no life without trial.

The good part is that in our movie, our writer and director have their hands on our lives. They will make sure that everything turns out. Granted, things don't always turn out as we imagined them to, and they don't always turn out how we wanted them to, but they will always turn out how the writer wrote if we listen to the director.

In our lives we are to become great. God has written us into beautiful characters who have lessons to learn and trials to overcome, and amazing people to become, and he has given us a director to show us how to do it. He has given us the greatest gift to become the greatest us. He has given His Son.

We must listen to the director.

And the best part of life is it doesn't end when our figurative "credits" roll. They don't end because our lives extend beyond the grave. This is only the audition. The time when we are tested to see what kind of characters we will play.

Life is less about how much money you have and weather or not you own the iPod 3,000 or the newest athlete endorsed shoes and more about who you are and who you are becoming.

Who you are and who you are becoming is the greatest storyline that will ever exist.

Live it right.

feel my sunlight

p.s. My photography blog is no longer called WhitneySue Photography and is now called keep life bright photography and graphic design. We'll see if this stays.


  1. I LOVE this! Thanks so much for sharing :) I am OBSESSED with reading (and for the record, when I read the last Harry Potter book I sobbed for two hours straight...) I loved how you related the writer to OUR writer.. I had never thought of that before!!!
    xoxo Dani :)

    1. Thank you!!! I am obsessed with reading too! I wish I had more time to do it! :)
      -Whit :)

  2. Hahaha I love how you know the exact number of pages in the Harry Potter series. That is awesome! :D

    Wonderful analogy, as always, Whit! I especially love what you said about this life just being an audition for roles we'll be able to play later on. I'd never thought of that before. That is really cool!


    1. haha thank you! I am obsessed with Harry Potter. It is quite simply the best! Thanks!
      -Whit :)


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