Saturday, January 16, 2016

“You were actually thinking about gas…”

Jan. 10, 2016
“You were actually thinking about gas…”
Hello my peeps!

First of all, I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! (but what else is new?)

I'm still loving Buena Vista and LOVING being in a YSA ward. My companions are so fun and we seriously get along so well. Sister Duran is from Mexico and she said that I am her first companion that will eat spicy things with her. WHOOO! 10 points for Griffindor! Sister Lewis is from Utah and she understands all of my references to every TV show, YouTube video, and movie so it is an all-around good time. The three of us are laughing most of the time.

Here are some of my favorite events from the week!

On Monday night we had FHE and we played Book of Mormon Jeopardy. It was a party and the three of us gave the lesson on the Book of Mormon and how important it is in each of our lives.

On Tuesday we had interviews and district meeting. In interviews I was approved to drive! The APs set up this huge Preach My Gospel obstacle course and it was so cool. Just imagine me running around in a HUGE Santa outfit trying to teach the restoration and shoot baskets and do scripture chases and bounce a ping-pong-ball while running and reciting HTBT points and trying to ask inspired questions. We were laughing so hard and it took our district about a half hour to finish all of it. FUNNEST DISTRICT MEETING EVER!

On Wednesday we got to do Temple service at the Orlando Temple! It was so much fun being on temple grounds with other missionaries! I am in love with the temple and it is such a blessing to have one so close to us. After Temple service we went on exchanges. Me and and Sister Duran stayed in Buena Vista with Sister Wooley and Sister Lewis went to Olympia. It was a stressful transfer, but we both learned so much! Since I was approved to drive the day before I got to drive on exchanges and Tiwi didn't tell me to slow down once! (For those of you who don't know, Tiwi is our little box in our car that tells us and the mission president if we speed or drive aggressively.)

On Thursday we exchanged back. Since we aren't allowed to proselyte on Disney property (a lot of people live in Disney CP housing) we set up a booth by one of the bus stops and talk to people as they walk by. We call this "the walk" because it is where everyone walks. (clever I know!) Anyways, we were sitting there and Sister Lewis did the funniest most awkward contact I have ever seen in my life. This girl walked by and she just yelled at her "do you wanna play a game? You can tell us a scripture to look up!" And when the girl said she didn't want to she said " you want to look one up and then you can tell us...later...?" Then the girl took the Book of Mormon and walked away. We were laughing so hard.

While we were at the walk we noticed a girl walking with a suitcase (it was moving day for the CPs) and sister Duran was prompted to ask her if she needed help. She immediately started crying because she had just been on the phone with her mom because she was stressed because she didn't know how she was going to get all of her stuff moved. She had just prayed that someone would be able to help and then BOOM there we were! It was so awesome and she was so cute! So we helped her move all of her stuff to her new apartment.

On Friday we went down to the mission office to figure out some stuff and then weekly planned for the rest of the night.

On Saturday we did lots of finding and normal lessons.

On Sunday we had Ward Council and then church! Our investigator Alison came again and loved it. Then we studied and taught a skype lesson to one of our members and that was awesome! I love technology! (but not as much as you you see. But stiiiiiill I love technology. Always and forever.) Then we had a lesson with Alison and we invited her to be baptized and she accepted! WHOOO!!! And then we listened to the CES devotional in the foyer of the church while we worked on lesson reports. If you haven't watched it yet listen to it on! It was so good!

It's been a crazy awesome week. It has been full of challenges that have stretched us a lot, but I am loving this work.

Thank you again to everyone who supports me in any way. It really is such a blessing to have such incredible friends and family like you. Every single email and letter I get from you uplifts me so much and really makes me so happy.

Y'all are incredible.

-Sister Reid

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