Monday, June 6, 2016

I felt like I was dancing, swimming, and flying all at the same time."

Oh boy. Where do I even begin?

This week has been WILD! It was a party and a half and it was filled with MIRACLES! Here it is!

Mondaaay I bought some long pants for temple service because I guess that's the style now that it's blazin' hot. I also emailed y'all but my mom didn't forward it so y'all will get that today. Our Ward decided to go to the beach without us for FHE. Rude. So we went to "the promise land" (Windermere Cay) to knock on some doors. It was a real sweaty time and I enjoyed every second of it.

Tuesdaaay we had the sweatiest temple service ever. We planted flowers all over in the shade of the House of God. It was really fun. We also had our classic chipoltle style burritos with BBQ sauce that are bigger than my head. We also had a phone lesson with M, dinner with Sam, and Less Active finding with Brooklynn. It was a torrential down pour so mostly we just sat in her car and laughed until we were crying and tried not to get struck by lightning. She also bought us ice cream. Word. 

Wednesdaaay we had District meeting. I gave an adjusting to missionary life thought on healthy eating. We also found out that our mission is doing a "fast from fast food" for the month of June so that will be exciting. We can only have fast food if it's something members buy for us. After DM we had a quick picnic with all the sisters and then hurried off to Second Harvest food bank to "just serve." We sorted cans from a food drive. After Second Harvest we went to a lesson with M. We taught her about temples and eternal marriage. All the good stuff. Then we had night games... We were confined under a pavilion because #LIGHTNING. You've never experienced lightning until you've lived in Florida my friends.

Thursdaaay we had lunch with a girl named Kiana, a lesson with M where we reviewed all the lessons we have taught her. We also had dinner with Kaitlyn, and Institute. It was a good day.

Fridaaay we weekly planned. You guys. This is the first time I've ever had to use step two on page 147 of Preach My Gospel. WE PLANNED FOR M'S BAPTISM! After WP we went and had a lesson with L, and went to Subway with Brooklynn #EatFresh!

Saturdaaay was my favorite day. We had lunch with Jaiden and Brielle. I love them. Then we hurried over to Mickey's retreat where we met up with M and the Windy Ridge Elders (Elder Skidmore is from Syracuse if any of you know him! haha) for M'S BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW. She passed. WHAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Then after the Elders left we filled out her baptismal record, planned her baptism, read some scriptures, and then planed a vacation to Puerto Rico in roughly a year when she goes through the temple. haha I was a real good time. Then we went to "The Promise Land" to knock some doors and we met a girl named E that is SO COOL! When we first knocked on her door she let us right in but said she wasn't interested. After a few minutes of talking she said "well... maybe I believe in you guys more than I thought... tell me more." So we taught her the Restoration and she LOVED it! Sister Hart made me dinner because she's a doll. We also did some training that night. It was the best day.

Sundaaay was basically the best day of my mission so far. So morning sacrament was swell. We had several less actives come that haven't come in quite a while so that was BOMB! Then we taught a lesson (Plan of Salvation) To a house FULL of members. It was a spur of the moment thing and there were like 10 people there. It was a blast and a half.

Then we studied and after studies had this moment where we got real scared because we called M to remind her about our lesson with her but her phone had been disconnected. We started to get really scared that she wouldn't come because we had no way to get a hold of her... so guess what we did? We prayed... good guess! Then we went to the church and GUESS WHO WAS SITTING OUTSIDE THE DOORS OF THE CHURCH!!!! M! She had gotten on the bus and then rode to the bus stop down the street and then walked like a mile to the church. And her first words to us were "I beat you!" haha I love her. Then Brooklynn came and we had her try on jumpsuits. We gave her one to try on and she came back with it on backwards and she was like "this one is kinda chocking me." haha that's because you've got it on backwards hun. haha Then we had a lesson with her right next to the baptismal fount. 

Then after that we had break the fast. The best southern food that you ever did have! E also came and we were probably the rowdiest table. There was lots of laughter and the ward did a good job getting to know our investigators.

Then we had night Sacrament and we sat with M and E and then A CAME! She just said she missed us so she decided to show up. I miss teaching her so much! She is the nicest human ever. We also had a member bring us one of their friends that wanted to learn more about the gospel.
Since it was Fast Sunday I bore my testimony. Possibly for the last time in Buena Vista since transfers are in two weeks. Oh how grateful I am for this opportunity I've been give to serve in paradise.

Anyways, It was a good week. I'm sorry this email is exactly the same as my voice recordings this week. Such is life.
I love y'all more than He Who Must Not Be Named That didn't work. Sorry. I love y'all!

Out of context quotes:
"You guys look like BeyoncΓ©'s backup dancers"
"I know crusty people"
"They had the same noodle... You know... Like from Peter Pan"
"I wonder if Florida was a person if they'd have statiky hair"
"I felt like I was dancing, swimming, and flying all at the same time."
"It's one of those things where you have to sneak in... But not into the movie theatre... But into the harts of men."
*when M put the jumpsuit on backwards* "it's kinda choking me"

Sister Whitney Reid 
Florida, Orlando Mission

Signing the mission flag

A tropical storm is on its way

The Zone

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