Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"A cow... Because it's practical."

Holy. Holy. Holy.

Wanna hear bout my week? It made me exhausted.

Sooo this mornin' I woke up at the crack of dawn and went to watch the sunrise on the beach with the district and just about cried because it was the most beautiful and God loves us so much. We had a nice lil devotional and all shared our testimonies and I just felt so blessed. You know the line of the song I Hope You Dance that says "I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean." That's how I felt this mornin' because God is so good and the world is so big and we are all just a lil part of this great work and it's beautiful. After the beach we went to the church and did some personal study and then made breakfast as a district. Now we're chillin' at the church emailing our families while Elder Lyon is playing guitar and singing to us. I love life.

Here's my week!

Laaast Monday we went to the board walk. We saw the ocean. We also taught Debi and did some dishes. All the exciting things.

Tuesday we went to Habitat for Humanity and sorted some clothes. We met with one of our investigators that was a lil tipsy... Ehhh always an adventure. We also met with our buddy L who is just on fire about the gospel. Then we taught like a whole lot of people and it's all a blur now.

Wednesday we had ZTM and I got to see all of my buddies. It was all on the Atonement and I shed a few tears. This week has just had me in awe at how much God loves us. His love is so real. Then we taught lessons to Neena, Tammy, Sister Johnson, and Michael. Michael told me he can read my mind by watching how my pupils dilate. Then I went on vacation to Bunnell to go on exchanges with the Bunnell Sistas! I went there with Sister Yance and Sister Johnson and it was a PARTAYYY.

Thursday we woke up for the day and I realized I forgot my service clothes so I had to go to service in my PJs... We all go through hard things. We went to the Habitat for Humanity and cleaned the warehouse. We taught a bunch of people and had a blast and a half. I forgot to take an exchange selfie and I've regretted it ever since.

Friday we weekly planned. Always a good time. Then we went to Brother Cintron's and transplanted all the pineapples. I'm a pineapple pro. 🍍🍍🍍  Then we went on exchanges with the Deltona Hermanas and my one and only HNA Stokey came and partied with me in New Smyrna. I don't know how we convinced the world we should be allowed to be together because it was nuts. I had the time of my life.

Saturday I woke up in the middle of the night and thought it was time to get up. So I prayed and made my bed and went in the front room and started to exercise... After a few minutes I started to wonder why HNA Stokey didn't get up so I looked at the clock.... 1:30.....AM.... OH MAN. So I went back to bed.

Stokes and I taught a lady named M who told me I needed to stop wearing makeup because it doesn't look good on my face....k....don't worry I gave her a Book of Mormon. We contacted a lot of people. We taught our buddie L who wants to tell everyone about Jesus. We gave him a second Book of Mormon to give to one of his friends... You guys. We met L two weeks ago and he's already doing missionary work.

Then we exchanged back and Sister Simpson and I were driving down the road and we see these guys that were jumping a car so we pulled over to teach them about the gospel. One of the guys asked if he could say a prayer and then said this whole prayer about how much he hates Isis... I didn't role play this in the MTC.

Sunday we had our meetings and then church. There were thee members that just brought their friends to church... What? Then we taught the Esclavon's, Donny, Dave, Andrew, Sister Powell, and Winn. It was a long wonderful day.

Sooooo I'm doing great! I saw the ocean today. I think I love it here.

I love y'all more than I love sunrises on the beach!

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