Monday, August 20, 2012


15 days left of summer.... am I ready for school? NO! So I am going to make a list. A bucket list of sorts to help me get ready, and to savor these last bits of Summer. So here it is

DIY Summer bucket list!

*re-do bedside table

*find desk

*rearange room with desk

*make whipe-board callender

*hang whipe board callender

*paint notebooks in chalkboard paint

*go shopping for school supplies

*help parents finish my bathroom!

*clean out closet

*go shopping for school clothes

*work on personal progress atleast 15 minutes a day

*start going to bed earlier

*spend less time on the computer

*play guitar every day

*write in my journal every day

*read a whole book

So I had better get started if I want to finish this! My mom thinks that most of this isn't going to happen any time soon, so we will see. I am determined. Wish me luck!

Feel my Sunlight


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