Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Remember how I had the best Summer ever?

13 days left of Summer.
 I want it to be more than 13 days.
I have tumbling tonight.
I can't find the chalk board paint.
 My EFY counselors are dating.
Its really sunny outside.
 This was pretty much the best summer ever.

Remember how I went to that family reunion, and played spoons for hours?
Remember how I went to EFY, wrote a letter, and cried when it was over?
Remember how I went to youth conference, and the bishop photo bombed with the hoarse head?
Remember how I competed at Nationals, and the sky was purple and orange at night?
Remember how I love my team, and how we prayed at Nationals?
Remember how I went boating, and I learned how to wake board?
Remember how I slept at the gym, and how we read scriptures, and watched Stick It?
Remember how I went on 4th year hike, and lived off what I carried on my back?
Remember how I hiked 20 miles, and wore socks, and sandals for the first time?
Remember how I watched the Olympics, and was inspired by the Magnificent Seven, and the Fab Five?
Remember how I went to girls camp, and we did log yoga?
Remember how I started work at Bowmans, and can reach the top shelf with only 1 milk crate?
Remember how I read the best book ever, and did it in less than a day?
Remember how I went the ward swim party, and I wore my new swimsuit?
Remember how I made this blog to document it all, and just love posting?
Remember how I had the best Summer ever, but know there are still good times ahead?

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