Monday, August 27, 2012

EFY music. On the radio. At the Store.

Earlier today I was in the changing room at one of my favorite stores contemplaiting which shirt I should buy, when all of the sudden a song came on the radio. I started to humm this song until I realized what song it was. I thought about it for a minute and realized that this was a song called What Faith Can Do and it was from 2011 EFY CD. ha An EFY song was playing on the radio! After a little while I realized that it wasn't the same version as the one from my EFY, but I still thought it was awesome that it was playing on the radio! Then a few minutes later the song You Raise Me Up came on the radio. This song was made popular by Josh Groban, but I first heard this song on the 2007 EFY CD that my parents bought me. So it the time span of less than a half hour two songs that I knew from EFY came on the radio at the store. That's a crazy thought! I wish that would happen every time I go to the store! I <3 my EFY music!

What Fait Can Do (the version that was on the radio)

What Faith Can Do (EFY version)

You Raise Me Up (the version that was on the radio)

You Raise me Up (EFY version)

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