Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pages read

Have you ever gotten to the point, after you've been reading for a long time, where you start to narrate your actions in your mind as if your reading what you are doing? I know this probably sounds crazy, but I do this often, I'm doing this now.

I slip out of bed and set my book on the dresser... I hop back into bed, too hot with the covers on, and too warm with them off, I leave them half draped over my legs not wanting to move. I stare at the celling for a long while pondering the books. I decide to write a quick blogpost before I hit the sack so I reach over and feel for my iPod on my bedside table, when i've found it I grasp it in my small hands.

Thats pretty much what the last few minutes of my life where like in my head... I know, weird hu?

Ive read two books each over 300 pages in the last few days. The first one called

Between the Lines

& the second,


Both where fantastic! Would defiantly recommend them! Revised might just be my new favorite. I started it this afternoon & finished it at 3 am....(shhhh don't tell my mom!.....oh wait...... She reads this blog...... Haha DOIT!)

Well I'm going to bed! Night!

Feel My Sunlight


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