Friday, September 21, 2012


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Hey yall! Hows life treating everyone? Great I hope! If not, I send you love from my keyboard. <3
So tonight we won't sleep... we will hike... 13 miles...stay up... all night... to see the sunrise! ah I'm so stoked and I can't wait! I will tell you more about it later, and I promise to take pictures.
And guess what! on the 27th I get to go see the Kelloggs Tour of Gymnastics Champions! Row 18! Ahh so stoked! Can you tell?
Life is good. High school is GREAT! To all of you juniors that told me high school sucks, you are liers! But maybe I should thank you for giving me low expectations. But really, I am loving high school. Every bit of it.
So everyone go click on that link up above. Watch the talk, read the talk, just do it! Its one of my favorites.
Signing out! (I need to clean my room)
Feel my Sunlight

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