Tuesday, January 8, 2013

favorite conversations

My favorite conversation of the day:

Student- "Is the pit fixed yet?"
Me- "YA Santa fixed it!"
Student- {with extreme excitement showing in her little face} "Gee Wizz!...how did he do it?"
Me-"his elves helped him."
Student- "oh, he must be magic....did you see him do it?"
Me- "he came in at night when nobody was sleeping just like he does at your house on Christmas."
Student- "whoa."
Other Student- "Was that your Christmas wish?"
Me- "yes it was."

So there you have it! Santa fixed the pit!

feel my sunlight

 p.s. I hate goodbyes. They are hard and I don' t deal with them well. But I know there is a purpose behind it. I know God sees the greater picture. But they are still hard and they still break my heart.

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  1. haha I told my kids that also and they were so happy!


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