Tuesday, January 22, 2013

teacher, you are fierce!

I have a dilemma. I'm not sure if I want to stab my kindle for rotating Phantom out of the Amazon Prime list or hug it for adding Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. So I figured I would write a blog post while I decide.
New semester tomorrow and I am so excited! I don't have to lug my annoying guitar to school any more! (But I vow to never stop playing since I do love my guitar.) I get to start photography again and I hope I won't be too bored sine I already took this class in Jr high. Oh well, there is always something to learn. So there you have it, my thoughts on the new semester.
Today I was coaching my children and one of my little girls says "Teacher, you are fierce!" uh... thank you? hahaha I love little ones and I can't get over it!
Sorry for the semi- randomness of this post but I would now like to say that I have decided to hug my Kindle, because if I stabbed it I wouldn't be able to post on it anymore, and I know that would make all of you cry. So have no fear! I will hug my Kindle.

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