Thursday, July 11, 2013

Do not dwell

Stolen from the Mormon Channel... I like it.

I know I have written about tumbling quite a bit as of late, but I promise I will try to make it something you can relate with today. At least I will try.

Since my defeat at nationals (and no, I'm not saying I was defeated in the sense that I did terrible and I feel like a failure, I was defeated in the sense that I knew I was better than what my performance showed.) I have gotten a new perspective on things. See, when I first saw my ranking among the best athletes in the nation I was quite disappointed. I was mad at the judges, I was jealous of those select few with the opportunity to stand atop the podium and receive huge shiny medals, I was angry with the girls that I believed should have scored lower than I did, but most of all I was angry with myself. I was fuming on the inside and began to deteriorate and downgrade myself with thoughts about giving up because I might not be the golden girl, and thoughts that I might not ever be good enough. I was destroying my confidence and soon realized that it had to stop. In my anger I decided to put on a happy face and follow the advice from Shawn to enjoy the rest of the trip. I put on a smile and decided that it wouldn't make any sense to let this ruin my trip so I didn't let it and I must say It became one of the most fun trips I have ever been on.
When I got home I had a moment of defeat, but I soon had to make a decision. I could either cry and whine about it, or I could turn my defeat into hard work and my hard work into success. I realized that the attitude I bring to the table will be the most important ingredient in my final product and that if I wanted to make something of myself I had to start now. I knew I had the support from many of those around me and that no matter what I was a daughter of God and that if I made the right decisions I would be okay.
I made the decision then and there that I would punch this with everything I had. I made a vow that I would listen to my coaches and do my everything to accomplish what they tell me to do. No matter how terrified I might be. I made the decision that I would train harder than I ever had before.
I have had two days of training since I have made this decision. I have improved my attitude and my effort to listen to my coaches. I have put on tramp shoes once again and called out for help. I even got up early this morning to run with my brother. The results have been great and it has only been two days. The support I have received from Steph and Kodee have helped me regain my confidence and their support helps me push myself to my limits every time I punch off that mat. I love you two and am so thankful for you help! please don't stop what you are doing. You guys rock.

Now I share this with you mostly because it all that has run through my mind over the last few days, but I also share it for another reason. I share this with you as a proof that your attitude determines your outcome. You can make an excuse for everything. There is always going to be something that hurts or something that doesn't feel right, but if you give in to those excuses you will never become what you want to become. Some people have it handed to them with raw talent and never have to work hard, Some people just have the ability to do what the judges what to see. I on the other hand, don't have that raw talent, but I do have a determined attitude. I heard a quote a long time ago that said...

"Hard work        
       beats talent      
      when talent doesn't            
work hard."

I intend to be that hard work. What are you going to work hard at?

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. Today Kodee and I legitly convinced one of our girls that Kodee's real name is Friday. I didn't think she really believed us but at the end of class she came up to me and said "Friday said I could have three treats." I almost died.

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