Sunday, November 17, 2013

never be the same

HEYYY! Sorry about the lack of posts over the last few days. Do you know that feeling where you feel empty. Like someone has just grabbed your squeeze bottle of motivation and emptied it to the point where there is only that miniscule amount of stuff left that is so small that it is never coming out of the bottle? That's how I've felt the last couple of days. There has been enough for me to open blogger several times, but never enough for me to get anything out of my head; therefore, here is my blog post 4 days late.

First I must catch up on the four days of 30 days of Thanksgiving I missed because I was lazy.

day 14
I am thankful for Sunday mornings. Every Sunday I race the sun to see who can get up first. After that I get ready and take a hurried drive over to the seminary building where I pretend to be a missionary and I teach fake investigators about the real gospel. The spirit is always so strong and I just love everything about mission prep. The drive home is always the prettiest drive of my week. I don't know why but this same drive that I take on the way home from school everyday is so much prettier on Sunday mornings. I'm pretty sure it is 50% the spirit felt at mission prep and 40% the lovely church music playing in the car and 10% the weather.

 Sunday morning drive song of the day.

day 15
I am thankful for service. I had this brilliant idea for a service project that my friends and I are going to do instead of buying each other Christmas presents this year. I am super excited about it and I am so glad my friends are just as excited about it as I am. I will share more about the details of our project when we get closer to Christmas.

day 16
I am thankful for my readers! Today I hit 12,000 page views! My readers are incredible. I don't know where this blog would be without you. I promise that I will always keep writing as long as you keep reading! Thank you all so much!

day 17
I am thankful for an incredible ward. I love my Young Women's group, I love our leaders, I love our bishop, and I love everything about going to church with my ward. There is so much love and joy that everyone brings that makes it an enjoyable experience for everyone. In our Young Women's group everybody fits and It is so nice to have a place to know that even though in the world I'm different, I believe different things, I am not popular, and I get mocked for my decisions, I know that there is always a place where I fit and where I have friends, and where I don't have to worry about being the weird one who follows the rules because I am surrounded by great friends that also follow the rules. We have a good time.

feel my sunlight

p.s. I have no Idea what I want for Christmas. Any ideas?


  1. Eww, those empty-feeling lack-of-motivation days are no fun. Wonderful analogy on that one :) *hugs* I'm glad you finally posted! :)
    <3 Marie-Rose

  2. You know what I'm thankful for? You writing these awesome posts. Hearing about what you're thankful for helps me remember what I'm thankful for and that makes me happy. :D Thanks for being so amazing!


    1. You know what I'm thankful for? Your comments on all of my posts. You are seriously one of my favorite humans and I haven't even ever actually met you. Thanks for being awesome!



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