Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Men's hearts shall fail them

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Now what I wish to write about is a little bit on the tender side. It is in regards to THIS ARTICLE, which crushed my heart. This hit home hard and it is a tough thing for me to write about since it hit so close to home. I have been trying to figure out how to write about this and have failed to figure out the best way to do it, so I decided that I would just share with you my journal entry from yesterday morning because I think it accurately portrays how I feel.

June 10th 2015

Last night I was scrolling through twitter when I came across a news article about a man who had murdered his wife only two days before. It stuck out to me because the city was the same city I live in. When I opened the article I was surprised to see a photo of a familiar face. 4 year old Arraya, who is one of the couple's 3 children, was staring with tear filled eyes back at the camera. This image pierced my soul and my eyes immediately filled with tears. I coach darling little Arraya. She is one of the sweetest, most obedient children I have ever had the privilege of coaching. It pains me to know how much her little innocent life is going to be changed. She will forever be a name to my prayers. Until yesterday I thought the news was only for people I didn't know, but I now realize that the world I live in is becoming more wicked. In this tumultuous world men's hearts fail them. If we want to be in the world, but not of the world, we must look to God with an eternal perspective. Precious Arraya will see her mother again. We are amongst much wickedness, trial, and heartache and we must turn to the Lord for strength.

I have read this news article many times in the last few days. It has caused me to reflect on many other pains that come from living in this world.

Meg Johnson, who is an LDS motivational speaker came to our school last year and said, pointing to her own body which requires a wheelchair, "Bad days don't look like this..." and pointing to the student body said, "bad days look like this."

This world we live in does not spare a single one of us of trial and heartache. Every single ride is going to have turbulence, and some might even crash, but we must remember why we are here in the first place.

Elder Jeffery R. Holland said that
"We are living, and have chosen to live in a fallen world where for divine purposes, our pursuit of Godliness, will be tested and tried again and again... never lose faith in your Father in Heaven"

I do not mean to preach to others to tell them what they should believe, I only mean to write for the comfort of my own soul. I strongly believe that we were sent here for a purpose. We were sent here to be tried. We were sent here to grow. And when faith and trial comes, acting on even a twig of faith allows God to grow it.

When faced with trial deeper than we think we can bear we must remember that the Lord passed through trials for us more terrible than we can imagine. He suffered for every pain and every heartache of the entire world. It was the greatest love letter every written, and it was sealed with his blood when he died for us on the cross. He knows exactly how we feel and he wants to help us through it. We just have to let him.

I have a strong testimony of the Atonement the Savior suffered for us. He suffered for every sin, and every heartache. He knows the source of ever tear we have ever shed. He knows the exact feeling that caused them to fall. He knows us and he loves us more dearly than we could ever comprehend. I am so thankful that I don't have to wander my way through this life without Him.

feel my sunlight

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  1. This breaks my heart! It is such a comfort to know about the Plan of Salvation and our Savior's love when terrible things like this happen!

    Ps- I am LOVING your new design! Maybe you could do a tutorial about how did it! I know this was there before, but I love how your different blog pages are at the top of the screen and your color scheme is adorable!

    1. Thanks!! And thanks for the idea! I've had a couple of requests for a blog design tutorial and I think I might just have to do that. :)


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