Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"As for me and my cement box, we will serve the Lord."

Hello my wonderful family and friends!

First of all, TRANSFER CALLS HAVE COME! I am staying in Buena Vista and Sister Lewis is going to Bellview. In the past we have had transfer meetings to switch areas, but reticently Elder Oaks announced that there will no longer be transfer meetings. So now we get to find out where we are going and who our new companion is the Saturday before, and then on transfer Tuesday we drive directly to our new area and start to work right off the bat! I am getting Sister Muelstein (I'm not sure if that's how you spell her name.) AND I AM SO EXCITED!!

I made two recordings this week that SENT! Hallelujah! This is the first time in a long time that I have been able to get them work and send correctly. #Blessings. They contain the run-down of what I did every day this week so if you're interested in that give them a listen. If not, here are some of my highlights of the week.

I wasn't able to send pictures last week so I forgot to talk about this! But last week we were at the church for FHE and one of the members told us to come outside to look at something. So we did and THERE WAS A BABY GATOR RIGHT BY THE CHURCH!! I sent a couple of pictures of it. Someone should show them to Keaton for me and tell me what he thinks about them.

So... funny story from this week! We had finished weekly planning on Friday and Sister Lewis was praying to close. She was trying to say "we pray that we will be effective advocates for Thee." But she couldn't think of the word "advocate" so her prayer went a little something like this...
Sister Lewis: "we pray that we'll be effective adversaries..."
Sister Reid: (whisper yell) "that's the devil!!!"
Sister Lewis: "what's the word??"
Sister Reid: "advocate??"
Sister Lewis: "sure..."
And then we both fell into that state where you're trying hard not to laugh because you're supposed to be reverent, but you can't so you pretty much end up crying instead. It was incredibly funny.

My week has been incredible this week. I love this ward with all my heart and I love being a missionary! One of my very favorite parts about missionary work is seeing the atonement work in people’s lives. I have been able to witness many people use the atonement recently and it is amazing to me how much Christ really does love each of us. What a blessing it is to have access to the infinite atonement in our everyday lives. 

Last night I was sitting at night Sacrament and "A", one of our former investigators who still comes to church and activities every week, but that isn't ready for the missionaries, stood and bore a beautiful testimony of the Savior. She said a line that really stuck out to me. She said "Being a church of Jesus Christ is a pretty big deal." and then she went on to say "I notice it on the sign out front every time I drive past, and maybe that's why I keep coming back." That was interesting to hear coming from someone who is not a member of this church. 

There is something wonderful in the fact that we know about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It is incredible to live in a time when Christ's church has been established once again on the earth. Like "A" said, it is a big deal and something we should not take for granted. 

I am incredibly grateful that I not only have the gospel in my life, but that I also have the opportunity to introduce it to others lives. If you've read it a thousand times, or if you have not yet had a chance to pick it up, I urge you all to read the Book of Mormon, to pray about its teachings, and to put it into practice in your life. I urge you to do this because I know what it can do for you. 

I love you all so much and I want to wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day!! And in honor of Valentine’s Day I want you all to go look up John 3:16 for me. It's the greatest Valentine’s Day gift you've ever been given.

I love you all more than President Uchtdorf loves airplanes.

-Sister Reid <3
Tracting in the Rain
Chickens in the parking lot
Temple selfie

Sister Reid, Sister Lewis, Sister Duran

Zone Conference

Sister Duran & Sister Reid

Orlando South Stake

I love Sister Duran

Orlando Temple

Temple with Lacey

Only in Florida

Yellow dog eats missionary fence

Chickens in the parking lot

Baby gator at church

Sister Lewis, Sister Duran & Sister Reid

Yellow watermelon from Disney World

Taking apart Sister Lewis' bike

Happy Birthday President Berry

Sister Reid & Sister Lewis at church. We get the best pictures from members in Florida.
Sister Reid & Sister Guynn

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