Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"Yesterday my heart did a round off"

The quote for my title wasn't said by me. haha I thought it was pretty funny. The second place "out of context quote" from the week was "I went on a real date this week unfortunately."
As always, I sent some voice recordings with the shake down of my week.
I am doing swell. My week was pretty great. The highlight and the thing that made me the happiest this week was by far BEING ABLE TO DO A SESSION IN THE ONE AND ONLY ORLANDO FLORIDA TEMPLE. Ahh it was beautiful and peaceful and incredibly refreshing. We went Friday morning.
I have been pondering the temple for the past few days and I just feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to worship at the Lord's holy house. What a magnificent thing it is to have the privilege of entering in the walls and making covenants with our Father in Heaven. What a blessing it is that we have access to this connection to heaven. If you are endowed, I encourage you go go often, if you can do baptisms, I encourage you to go often, and if you cannot yet enter through the temple doors I encourage you to spend some time sitting on the temple grounds. As we prepare ourselves for more devoted temple worship we are able to re-focus our lives with an eternal perspective and are more capable of living the lives God has planned for us.
There's not much else that I didn't talk about in my voice recordings. Shout out to Hannah for turning 19 this week!!! Also, shout out to all my tumbling students and friends that went to the Kalon Ludvigson Invitational this last weekend! Let me know how it went!
I am in love with this ward and the people that are around me. Buena Vista is still treating me well and I am excited about this last week of the transfer. I'm excited about Easter coming up this next Sunday and if you haven't yet I want you all to go check out and look at all the cool Easter stuff on there. I'm also pretty pumped about the General Women's meeting this Saturday at 8:00! (6:00 Utah time) and I want all my friends that are females to make sure you watch it!! Apostles are going to speak to YOU! This is a great opportunity for us to receive revelation.

I love you all more than the pioneer children loved to sing! Have an incredible week! Let me know how your Easter week goes!!

Sister Reid

District meeting

Wait for it

Windy Ridge District

me and some beautiful yellow trees... my second favorite color! #OnlyInFlorida

ya... I don't really know

Duck Face: Level 2

We parked like this while we were stopping by the church the other day to sync our iPads. There were only a couple people there when we got there, but we soon came to find out a baptism was about to happen so everybody that came in the church made fun of us for parking like this. hahaha

Sister Davis and Sister Lewis




Me being loved by my two trainers..

Sister Brown! (MTC comp)

Me and a #Murica horse. Also, I just got my hair cut. You probably can't tell.

Sione (the one on the right) is the guy in the music video All About That Base that does the splits. He is also in a movie about Dwane "The Rock" Johnson. Vita and Sione are SUPER FUNNY!! They are some of my favorite people.

Some of our ward members after night sacrament

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