Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happily ever after

You know that feeling you get as you finish a really good book? As you read the last sentence pausing for a second before you close the book, as if to say good bye to the characters. Because while you where reading the book the characters became your friends. When the words stop you have no choice but to say goodbye. But it's bitter sweet, because your ultimate goal was to finish the book, yet when you finally do, you wish you could have had more time with your "friends". Knowing you will never share a new adventure with these characters (that is, unless there is a sequal, and in that case all that runs through your mind is; MUST GET NEXT BOOK...MUST GET NEXT BOOK...MUST GET NEXT BOOK!)
I always think about this as I finish books. These moments usually happens late at night while I lie awake in my bead, with my lamp on, and my alarm clock flashing numbers like 1:24, and 2:19 in red glowing lines.

I just finished a fantastic book called Read Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult & her daughter Samantha Vanleer

Go find a copy and read it!!

Feel my Sunlight

P.s. I start work at Bowmans tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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