Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blogtember day 11

I am seriously having issues being consistent with these blogtember posts. This is hard stuff man. Today's topic is a memory that I would love to relive.

I have a few. One very exciting moment in my life was the very first time I qualified for nationals. This was significant to me because I had already failed at qualifying once at State Championships that year and my last chance was at Regional Championships. Regional Championships is about 7 states and it is so hard to hit a qualifying score at these meets. I wanted this more than I had ever wanted anything in my life and I thought I had already missed that chance. I remember walking away from the podium after I had received my silver medal, yet still didn't know my actual score. I walked over to my coach where he told me that I had qualified by two tenths of a point. It was all kinds of awesome to my fourteen-year-old self. You know those moments in sports movies where the athlete that doesn't have as much tallent works really really hard and ends up scoring the winning point or making the winning touchdown? This was one of those moments and I was on cloud nine.

Another memory I could relive a thousand times was the time I met my childhood idols thanks to a random incredibly amazing stranger that had no idea she was making my dreams come true. Or maybe the time I gained a testimony for myself that changed my life. Or even this morning when I was doing baptisms for the dead and was baptized by none other than John Schmidt....from the Piano Guys. Ya I know, pretty cool right?! The blessings of waking up at 5 a.m.

{These are The Piano Guys. John Schmidt is the red head.}

There are many many more, from EFY's to National Championships, to JR high theatre performances. I don't have the time to share them all so scroll through the archives of this blog and you will find a bucket load.
I love looking back on my life and realizing just how amazing it has been and it makes me look forward to how much greatness is to come. I can't wait.

Feel my Sunlight
p.s. I turn 17 in T-2 hours. Just sayin'. 

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