Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Temple Tuesday

Finally finished! Proud of my quote work. hah! Gotta love the Houston Texas Temple! <3
{picture via Pinterest}

I'm calling it quits on the whole #blogtember thing. It was fun while it lasted but I have other things to write about and reviews on products aren't it.

Today is a Tuesday. It’s only the second day into the week with more than half the week to go. It’s a little bit on the slow side, but on the other hand it was #TempleTuesday today! And when a "Tuesday" is paired with the word "temple" It automatically becomes the sweetest day in existence. Plus I get to wear a dress to school and people don’t ask questions. (That’s a lie. They do as questions. I just see these questions as missionary opportunities and that’s always fun.)

The other splendid events from my Tuesday include discovering the fact that Super Novas would be awesome material for a new Taylor Swift album. I can just picture it “We broke up like a super nova breaks up by nuclear fusion.” And then the album cover could be that hipster galaxy whatnot with cats coming out of it. You know, because she likes cats. I’m calling her right now to let her know.

I also enjoyed receiving a message from one of my lovely EFY counselors that she was accepted to work the EFY express session that I am attending next month. I know this doesn’t sound that exciting to the average public, but all the EFY goers know that being reunited with your counselor is a really big deal. It also helps that I think Michelle is on the list of “coolest people ever.” I have been making excited squealing noises all over my house. I simply can’t wait.

Now back to Temple Tuesday. Here is a video of some faithful followers of Christ and their joy in the Temple. The sacrifices some people make to attend the temple make me realize how very blessed I am to have so many temples so close to me. This is why I feel a need to go regularly. I want to give the same effort and commitment as those who have to travel a long journey to make it to the temple. Because of the convenience of attending my efforts don't come from giving up money or traveling long journeys, but rather come from attending often. I want to show my father my commitment towards him. I want to do his work.

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. My notebook is almost full. and I love it.


  1. I really enjoyed this! Thank you, Whitney! I was able to go to the temple yesterday. It is such a blessing! And hahaha you should totally call Taylor swift and tell her your song idea. I think it's awesome. :D


    1. Thanks for all of your awesome comments! It always makes me happy to know that people are actually reading my blog. You are so sweet. And by the way, I absolutely love your blog! Thanks for reading!


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