Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Your Royal Highness

I have exactly 5 minutes to write this post. Ready GO!

These are some my kids. I love them so very much. The other day they all showed up in pink and black. It was crazy. They also decided that I am the queen and that they are my princesses {and prince!} and they called me "Your Royal highness" for the rest of class. I can't get over how much I adore them. #bestjobever!

I will add to this later.

Feel my Sunlight

Monday, March 25, 2013

Lets all take a minute

Lets all take a minute to hate the swelling of my ankle.
Lets all take a minute to hate.... that's basically all I have to hate right now so I guess we are doing pretty good.

Lets all take a minute to love the sunshine.
Lets all take a minute to love the inside jokes with our best friends.
Lets all take a minute to love the company of our family.
Lets all take a minute to love no homework.
Lets all take a minute to love tomorrows.
Lets all take a minute to love our favorite song.
Lets all take a minute to love Sunday school teachers.
Lets all take a minute to love late start.
Lets all take a minute to love office supplies.
Lets all take a minute to love little brothers and sisters.
Lets all take a minute to love food on the table.
Lets all take a minute to love flushing toilets.
Lets all take a minute to love country music.
Lets all take a minute to love team mates.
Lets all take a minute to love
Lets all take a minute to love young women leaders.
Lets all take a minute to love books.
Lets all take a minute to love the work of a teacher.
Lets all take a minute to love great examples.
Lets all take a minute to love thank yous.
Lets all take a minute to love our students.
Lets all take a minute to love new leotards.
Lets all take a minute to love peanutbutter.
Lets all take a minute to love kindness.
Lets all take a minute to love guitars.
Lets all take a minute to love not saying goodbye.
Lets all take a minute to love our roll models.
Lets all take a minute to love good grades.
Lets all take a minute to love little children.
Lets all take a minute to love hellos.
Lets all take a minute to love photography.
Lets all take a minute to love movie quotes.
Lets all take a minute to love the word TEAM.
Lets all take a minute to love cute boys.
Lets all take a minute to love seminary.
Lets all take a minute to love laughter.
Lets all take a minute to love happy birthdays.
Lets all take a minute to love EFY counselors.
Lets all take a minute to love technology.
Lets all take a minute to love compliments.
Lets all take a minute to love concern.
Lets all take a minute to love helping.
Lets all take a minute to love new friends.
Lets all take a minute to love musicals.
Lets all take a minute to love pretty things.
Lets all take a minute to love CTR rings.
Lets all take a minute to love driving fast.
Lets all take a minute to love making the good times last.
Lets all take a minute to love ice cream.
Lets all take a minute to love you're welcome.
Lets all take a minute to love the grace of God.

Feel my Sunlight.

p.s. My lunch friends are the greatest. Shout out to them. <3 Katie, Marissa, and Hannah. Thanks for staying true. You are loved.

p.s.s. is fun. Yesterday I learned that I am royalty. Y'all better bow down to me from now on... just kidding please don't. I also started indexing yesterday. Thank you Mr. Conner for making us write in cursive, because grading and deciphering assignments of my classmates has helped me be a better indexer.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

tickets & music


My lovely sister is going to play Adelaide in the Jr. High production of Guys and Dolls in 3 weeks. We are in charge of tickets. We have been cutting out and labeling all day and we are finally finished. Whoo! So if any of you would like to come watch my beautiful sister kiss a boy tickets go on sell at Bowman's Grocery Store on Monday. {There are two casts so her performances are Wednesday, Friday, and the Saturday Matinee.}

{does anybody know how to rotate this?}
{I <3 Miki}

This has basically been my entire day. I also went to watch an old neighbor open his mission call. That was fun. It's kind of a short post today so I will leave you with my favorite song of the week. It has been on replay for most of the day.

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. Who else bought Les Miserables yesterday? I DID! :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

a Library, a Museum or a Zoo

Me? I'd pick a library. I'd pick a large library with a large glass roof. If I had the decision I would fill it with all kinds of love storie and fantacy novels. That way even though I would be trapped in one place for the rest of my life, my mind would be free. I would have a large comfy area for reading and I would let the public come and read with me. I would remain there until my prince came to rescue me. Then he would come live with me in my castle of stories. Can you tell I am a hopeless romantic? Too bad boys don't know I exhist.

What would you pick?

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. End of term = lots of free time on the computer to write blog posts because teachers don't teach anything = Happy Whitney!

p.s.s. I want to read now, but I need books. Anyone have any good sugestions?

Thursday, March 21, 2013


    "If the teacher
does not           
 the students 
 do not               
            -Mr. Child
We are at the end of third term and we are on our third science teacher. Our first one quit to go live on a cruise ship and the second one was never actually a teacher, just a long term sub. He got his name on our schedules, but never taught the class. Instead, he gave us study guides and we had to teach our selves. We now have a new teacher named Mr. Child. He has already taught us something {whoa! Teach?!? Now that's something we are not used to.} We might have hope for the end of levels now. Maybe.

So here is my message to all those teachers out there: TEACH! Please don't rely on the book to do it for you. We'd all really appreciate it.

Now back to the whole "end of the term thing". Is anyone else really stressed about their grade in Mrs. Brown's class? I'm pretty sure her goal is to ruin everybody's GPA. Would somebody please bake the pregnant lady a cake or something so she will be happy when she grades our essays? #shehatesus

That's all from me! Have a happy Friday tomorrow! {aka the-day-we-were-supposed-to-have-off-but-don't-because-we-took-a-snow-day-we-didn't-need-and-now-have-to-make-it-up.}

Feel my Sunlight

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1st day of spring

Happy 1st day of spring! Hope everyone had a fantastic day! {Now mother nature... it is officially "spring" now, therefore, you no longer have permission to use the snow machines. So please continue with the rain and maybe bring us some sunshine.}

Today one of my five year olds got very excited when she found out that I was a "REAL LIVE TEENAGER!" {her words, not mine}. I thought it was cute. Then she said to her sister almost giggling "she can drive!" gah! I love my kids.

Today my entire team decided to pretend we're British... including my coach. We spent the entire two and a half hours perfecting our hopeless accents. It was fun and I don't think I've laughed that hard in a while. I love you guys!

Note to the wise: clean your room. There is a possibility the bishopric could come over and want to see all your medals, and your hanging bed. I was not so fortunate to have receive this memo and greatly regret it. Consider this your only warning. 

Well, it's a short post today. I guess this is the second one of the day so that makes up for it right?

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. I'm bad at waking up on time. Anyone else have this issue?

my love life

I've been in this long term relationship with tumbling for the last nine and a half years. We are together and happy. In once cheated on tumbling with the teatre but called it off when it got to complicated. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had continued to date theatre. What would have come of it? Nevertheless I am happy with tumbling. And my words to theatre are:

      "because I
knew you,         
       I have been
                 for good."
Feel my Sunlight
p.s. Good luck to all my friends getting jobs right now. Jobs are fun. Money is even more fun. I have a job. I have had a job since I was 13. I know weird right?
p.s.s. Hank Smith is my favorite. Go listen to him.

p.s.s.s. Going back to school after a meet is quite painful. Going back to the gym, however, is not...unless you have a sprained ankle. :/ 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Pep Talk
I dissected one of these guys with my bare hands today. And then I ate it. It was great!

So now I smell like fish and life is good. Here is a video a friend posted on her blog that I just adored. Enjoy!

Monday, March 18, 2013


{My new facebook profile picture of me on a W... has nothing to do with this post.}
Well... I think it's a little mean that I am at school right now. Can we please go back to hanging out with the Brits? Who's with me? All in favor make it manifest... any apposed by the same sign...

Nobody voted against it now who wants to drive me to Salt Lake? {Except Kodee... he is a scary driver.}

Since I have nobody to drive me to Salt Lake I thought I would write up some of my frequently asked questions and give responces to them. If you have more questions feel free to comment.

Q: "How tall are you?"
A: 4' 9 1/2"
Q: "Are you going to the Olympics?"
A: No. Power Tumbling is not in the Olympics... and I'm not that good.... yet.
Q: {asked by the little children I work with.} "Are you married?"
A: No. How old do you think I am?
A: One kid said 45 the other said 12... I'm 16.
Q: {also asked by the kids I work with} Do you live here? {the gym}
A: No, I live at a house just like you do.
Q: "Can you..."
A: No, I'll be at the gym.
Q: "can you do a flip."
A: Yes I can and no I won't.

So there you have it. I am headed to health now. :/ Post your questions!

Feel my Sunlight

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lessons from our friends from accross the pond

This weekend I learned a lesson about sportsmanship from our friends from accross the pond, and I believe we taught them about one in return.

This weekend was the Third Annual Kalon Ludvigson Invitational. This is was an international meet held in my own state not too far from my house. Before I go into how the actual meet was I want to share with you something I learned from the Brittish.

As a result to the fact that this meet lasted about 5 hours on Friday, and 12 hours on Saturday and the fact that awards were held at the very end we ended up sitting for a very.... long.... time. Although this ordeal was painstakingly long, it proved to be one of my favorite meets I have ever been to.

Yesterday I competed early in the morning and had to wait all day for my little sister who competed in the very last flight of the night. Like I said before we spent a lot of time sitting. Well, yesterday I sat by some very fun people with cool accents. The British team.

I talked with them for a bit {because well...  they're BRITISH!} We talked about the difference in the way things in the tumbling world are run between the two countries. One thing that realy stuck out to me was the way we recieve our awards. One of the British moms asked why we salute on the podium. I trulthfully didn't know. I had never thought of it before It's just something everybody did. I guessed it was for pictures. We also talked about how when we recieve awards we don't hug and shake hands like the British do. When you watch the British competitors recieve their award you see them either shake hands or hug every competitor that has already recieved an award before they stand on their place on the podium. I had seen this done before when watching Olympic awards ceramonies, but had never seen it done at a normal meet. In one particular awards ceramony I watched a few international competitors recieve their awards and show this act of sportsmanship, but then as I watched one of our Americans recieve an award and walk strait to her spot on the podium it seemed quite cold to me even though I know it's not a custom here in America. One of my favorite moments was when one of the young British competitors recieved first place. She was very excited as any young athlete is when they recieve gold. She gave every single competitor a hug as she climbed up the podium, then climbed down the other side to hug the rest of the girls before making the climb again to stand on her place at the top. This small act took time, but it realy showed her sportsmanship in the way she acknowledged her competitors. I think we Americans could learn from their example.

As I talked to these competitors they told me that they were very suprized and thankful for how friendly everybody is durring competition. They said that at home competitors are usualy more resurve and keep to them selves, where as here all the competitors talk to eachother and encourage each other during the competition wether or not they know each other. I thought this was cool that this was the impression we left on them and that they didn't think Americans were totally cold hearted.

I was talking to one girl and she jokingly said "ya we kind of keep to our selves durring the competition, but then get friendly on the podium telling everyone well done." {now read that as if you are one of the children from Narnia and you will know just about how that conversation sounded!}

I think there is something anybody could learn from this. Be friendly like the Americans, and show good soprtsmanship like the Brittish.

Now I know you are all dying to know how I did at this fantastic meet. So I will tell you.

I placed 7th out of 20 girls. I was proud of this seems how I have a sprained ankle, and with the magnitude of this meet. I had some fantastic competition and would like to say thanks to everyone who helped me get here. {including my doc for not telling me I have to stay off my ankle, because my mom would have enforce it had you said it.} I would also like to say thanks to Justen and Kalon for putting this meet on and for all the hard work that was put in to make this meet work. It was a great meet and I can't wait until next year!

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. Anyone want to do my homework for me?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Computer tech blog time! I decided on Monday night that I am NOT going to scratch my meet this Saturday. I mean how can you walk away from this?
 {yes, I did steal Justin's pictures.}
I know... So come what may, I'm competing. It may be rough but I'm not going down without a fight. I even bought a brand-spanken-new leo to wear on FRIDAY when I'm NOT AT SCHOOL and am WARMING UP with athletes from ALL OVER THE WORLD! whew! This keeps getting better! Except the whole taping/acebandaging/bracing the ankle thing. That's not so fun. But you do what you've got to do.
I'm pumped. I'm excited. I'm ready. My body on the other hand, is not. But tumbling is 99% mental anyway right? So my compeditors had better watch out!
Have you ever been so excited about something that you just can't even function. Ya, that's how I feel right now. It's a mix of relief that I am going to be able to compete, buckets and buckets of excitement, and well... nerves. (I know it's kinda early for nerves but AHHHH!) A great gymnast once said "If you loose the nerves, you loose the sport." And let me tell you, I haven't lost the sport.
So I hope you enjoyed that little rant on my meet this Saturday. I doubt anyone but my team mates and my mom have made it all the way through. So congrats if you did! I'm excited and the bell is about to ring. Love you all!
Feel my Sunlight


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

somber waiting.

I feel blessed. Not to say I don't struggle because really I do. I struggle all the time. I struggle watching my musical friends be on TV and not being part of it anymore. I struggle knowing the intense pain and sorrows of others I know. I struggle every time my small group of friends shrinks a little. I struggle kowing people have moved on. I struggle when my ankle hurts to much to tumble even when I'm wearing this----------------------->
It pains me to know that in the 6 years I have competed I will be missing my first competition ever this Saturday. All because of this stupid injury. It hurts knowing I might miss the next one as well. The Kalon Ludvigson Invitiational. The "international meet". The one I invited my 9th grade theatre teacher to. That hurts.
It takes everything in me not to tumble. Because I know I could push through it and I could get through my workouts. But by doing this I could risk further injury. I risk being out for the rest of the season. And that would be devistating.  I want to but I can't. It's out of my hands now and there is nothing I can do to make this go any faster. But that's life. I will do my best to strengthen it and help it heal as fast as I can, but it is ultimatly in the hands of God now and I just have to trust in his plan. I must wait.
But it helps when you have somebody else with you who also can't tumble. For the exact same injury. Same foot even. {ya I know, weird right?!} Even though it killed me to not tumble today I had a blast while we perfected our preschool skills, our handstands, conditioned, did our "ankle rehab", and worked stradle press handstands until my hip flexers screamed with pain. Lets just say Stirfry and I would die on a beam. It was a rough night, but this lifted my spirits a little bit, and now my hip flexers are crying.... I don't know what I would do without my team mates.
Now it's time to gather up our tears and use them to clean the dirt off of other peoples lives. I was in one of those moods that not even country music can solve. So the only thing I could do was turn to my EFY music {Because EFY music makes EVERYTHING all better.} write a blog post, and turn to my scriptures. The best medicine out there. Hope you will do the same.
feel my sunlight
p.s. Sorry for this somber post. I know it's not really like me.
p.s.s. Well, this basically garentees the fact that I won't be able to attend any school dances this year because State Championships falls on the day of Prom, and Regional Championships falls on the day of MORP. Oh well...
p.s.s.s. Hugs to you Kodee, I feel for ya. <3


Monday, March 4, 2013

a chain reaction

Can anybody guess where I am? That's right! COMPUTER TECH! I just thought I'd write a quick post about kindness while I sit here in my cubical doing nothing.

I have felt much kindness today and it is only the third period of the day. Starting with the wonderful student that stands outside the seminary building and holds the door for everyone EVERY DAY without fail. You are fantastic. Thank you for taking your time to perform a service that may seem small enough to pass unnoticed, yet is truthfully monumental. Then to the people in my seminary class who didn't know me, yet made an effort to get to know me and to talk to me and make me feel welcome. I feel your love and send it right back to you. I also want to say thank you to the kids in my seminary class who talk to me outside of class. This realy helps bring us together as friends and helps me know there is someone else out there in this corrupt world that is living the same standards as me and that I can talk to. Then to the friend in my computer tech class who is always quick to pick up my book for me and is always so free with compliments. Your kindness warms my heart and I just love being around you because you always make an effort to put others first. You guys rock!

These wonderful people have inspired me to pass it on and to strive to be a better person. To try say hi, to compliment people without thinking about it, to be kind. I make this challenge to you. Start a chain reaction and see what happens.

I have this theory               
        that if one person
can go out of their way           
          to show compassion,
          then it will start a chain reaction
          of the same.                       
                        People will never know
 how far a little kindness        
                 can go.
                                              --Rachel Scott


Feel my Sunlight

p.s. Is anyone else as excited as I am to have school off tomorrow?! haha sorry juniors...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

It's a gymnastics day

Just finished watching American Cup. It was great. Congrats to Jake Dalton and Katelyn Ohashi on their wins. This new upcoming bunch rocks and I can't wait to see what they bring to the sport over the next four years. More about that on my other blog

Now I am watching the tri-meet between the Utah Utes, BYU, and North Carolina State. I am kind of bummed I haven't been able to attend any Utes home meets this year. Go Utes!

Like I have mentioned before I have the Kalon Ludvigson Invitational in Salt Lake in T-13 days. AHHH! I would love it if people came so if any of you friends and family would like to come let me know!

So that propbubly a boring post for most of you, but hey, it's my blog right?

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. My little sister has my USA gymnastics number memorized... don't ask me why, she did it on her own. ha!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Blueberries & Cranberries & the Occasional Pineapple

Life is not meant to be stressed over. Okay well, maybe a little... but when you know there is nothing in your control that you can do, the best think you can do is let go and stop worrying!
In English right now we are reading Cry, the Beloved Country and I sometimes truggle to do my reading. We have quizzes every day on the chapters that we read. Well on Tuesday I was in class and hadn't finished my reading. I Read the last question that was something to the likes of...

10. What did the people pray for? 


well I thought "I'm going to fail this anyway right? I might as well enjoy doing it." So I answered...

"They prayed that the refreshments would nourish and strengthen their bodies, that all the people that weren't there that week would be there next week, and that when the time comes they would drive home in safety. "




...and then I drew a pineapple...

Which brings me to my second subject...PSYCH! Who watched the season premier? Wasn't it great? I mean what other TV show have you seen where they destroy a blueberry and a cranberry in the same episode?! These writers are genius.

And speaking of berries, I thought I'd share with you a little conversation I had a while ago. My dad was the ward mission leader and the missionaries were over for dinner one night. My mom had made a fruit salad berries in it. My sister asked me to pass the fruit salad when I looked at her and said all matter of factly
                                        "It's a berry salad."
Then after I thought for a second I said... "Wait, are berries fruit?"
I have never lived that down.

I really am so excited for this season of Psych and I am hoping and praying that they don't pull the whole "lets make a big deal about the new season, then only air 6 episodes before we take a break" like they did last season. I am telling you all the psychos will go psycho. And we sure don't want that now so we.

So this week I have been going psycho with this whole not being able to tumble thing. It's killing me. I tried to jump on the trampoline the other day to show my kids how to do strait jumps with their arms by their ears and well, it hurt. So I have been here. In my house. And that eventually resulted in me watching Snow White and a British documentaries about Anorexia and kids with Progeria {I can't get over how cute they  are} ... ya, don't ask. I got my brace yesterday and wore it all day today. The swelling has gone down {after like 6 whole days} and to tell you the truth it now looks flat and weird. Well, that's a good sign I guess.

I have one more story for ya before I go clean. The other day I was talking to my mom and my little sister when we started talking about all the great people in the world who failed and were rejected before they finally became successful. Such as JK Rawling whos book was rejected 12 times before it was accepted and eventually became the most successfull book in history, or the two brothers who were fired from their home improvement jobs before they dreamed up the idea of the Home Depot. So we were all sitting there and my sister says...

"Michael Jackson didn't make his high school basketball team."

I was laughing so hard I was almost crying. 

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. I have an "international" meet in 15 days.... AHH!