Friday, November 30, 2012

First to Kiss First

My little sister got the part of Adelaide in the Jr. High production of Guys and Dolls. And we are so excited and proud of her. BUT.............

This brought me to a very sad realization.

My sister will have her first kiss before I do.

Ya. I know.

So we are talking at dinner tonight this is how the conversation went....

Mom: "guess what! Danielle might have to kiss someone."
Me: "My little sister will have her first kiss before me."
Danielle: "It won't be real!"
Me: "I can assure you that your lips will touch."
Danielle: "Ya, but our hearts won't!"
...and I will just end that conversation right there before my dad starts talking....

As my mom was walking out the door I say
"Bye! I will try not to kiss anyone while you're gone!"
Mom: "Hey.....If you get the opportunity!"

So congrats to Danielle at Dani's Purple Notebook. Love ya! And I now have a new goal of having my first kiss. Someday.

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