Friday, November 16, 2012

More soda pop


This stuff. 

I was at the grocery store with my ma yesterday. 
When out of the blue she said...

                "I think I should drink more pop."

her logic in this is that if she drinks more pop,
 then she will eat less sweats, 
and that will make her more healthy.

Good luck with that mom.                            

                        {we now have Pomegranate 7UP in the fridge}

Feel my Sunlight

P.S. What do you think about the white background? I miss my old background, but I am liking the more professional look. Have you ever seen a really successful blog without a whit background? I haven't either, so I changed it to white. Your thoughts?

P.S.S. Did y'all notice the new grab button on the left? Well, for all of you who have a blog, I would love it if you would put it on your blog. And hey, if you do, I might just put yours on mine!


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