Thursday, November 8, 2012

must be doing something right

Do you ever have those days where everything goes right, and you figure you must be doing something right? Well today was one of those days. First period in Biology I bombed my vocab quiz, yes I know what your is that good?...well, the rest of the class bombed that quiz too, so we are taking it again on Monday, and this one doesn't go on our grade. Then, in Guitar we were supposed to have a finger picking test. I was mostly ready for this test, but not as ready as I had been for past tests in guitar. I probably would have been fine, but my teacher decided that it was a hard test and that we should have more time to practice. He postponed it to Monday. Seminary is always fantastic, and amazing, and today was no exception. At lunch I got some chocolate from a friend, and I had a fantastic time in World Civ today. {"it just exists in NATURE!" #mrconnerquotes} I've been in my pajamas since 6:18 and life is good. I think I can say that today was a exceptionally great day. And do you want to know what is even more fantastic.... tomorrows FRIDAY! Friday, Friday got to get down on Friday! {now I am imagining my seminary teacher dancing to Friday, and I am smiling stupidly to myself."} Hope everyone else has a fantabulistic Friday tomorrow!

Feel my Sunlight

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