Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last day of school

city creek a the beginning of the year

Well, this is it. One year later and there are no more tears. Our last day of school has come and I couldn't be happier. It is a very different feeling than last year. Last year consisted of mushy gushy feelings like THIS and, THIS. But today I don't think I will cry at all. To tell you the truth I still long for my Jr. High days because they tasted so sweet, but nevertheless, life goes on.

It has been a good year. If you would have asked me at the end of last year what I would have thought this year would bring I would have a very different answer than what really happened. I would have thought I'd at least gone on one date. I thought I would just have a million friends, I didn't know quitting theatre would have such an effect on my social group. Though some of this year has been bitter, It wasn't all bad. I wouldn't have thought I'd have gotten this close to my small group of friends and I wouldn't have thought I'd have met my childhood idol! This year has proven to be great for our little group of 5. I eat lunch in the park every day and I drive a minivan to school. Boys don't talk to me much, but the ones that do mean so much more to me. It wasn't what I thought it would be, but it was good nonetheless. Now I can't wait until summer!

Kellog's Tour. BEST DAY EVER!
Now while my time at the school wasn't my favorite, the time at the gym was. This year there has been a few changes and I am now one of the oldest. I have made many close friends this year that I have never had with anyone from tumbling before. I have become much better friends with my Co-workers and we have a blast every day. I can always count on them to pick me up when school doesn't go the way I plan. I know I made the right decision to continue in this and not theatre, even though it was difficult. I love you guys! And Stirfry, you will make a fantastic missionary! We are so proud of you!

So I don't know where that leaves me. Back in the gym I suppose? After the initial pool party, the burning of the homework, and the inevitable sun burn I guess I’ll find myself back in the gym 4+ days a week and blogging often. I’ll attend EFY, girls camp, 4th year hike, trek, National Championships, and possibly EFY again this summer, but other than that you will find me in the gym. It will be one of the greatest summers ever, but then again, every summer is the greatest in my book.

Thanks for a great year guys! See you next September!




Feel my Sunlight

p.s. Is it bad that I think I'm more sad about finishing the last season of Jonas LA last night than I am about the school year ending?

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