Thursday, May 30, 2013

all the times

{My sister and I six years ago}

Well, I caved. I cut my bangs again. I tried growing them out but I got tired of braiding them so here we are. I have recieved mostly good comments, however, my favorite comment came from one of my four year olds yesterday durring class. She said "You look pretty and beautiful with your bangs, but you look kinda weird." I just laughed.

I have had a few experiences with kids in the last couple of days that have made me think. This specific girl shook me awake and made me realize how much kids are watching me. They are always watching. Yesterday at the gym a little girl came up to me as I was taping my ankle and said "I saw you when you were a teacher {I had just changed and put my hair up for tumbling} I liked your hair." Then she continued to talk saying things like "It's cool how you are a teacher and you still do tumbling. I want to do that when I get bigger." Then she showed me all of her tricks and asked me more questions. It just made me realize that I am being watched by the kids that I do know, as well as the ones I don't. I just thought I'd share that with a warning to you. Think about what you do. You never know who is watching you, and who wants to be just like you.

Yesterday on the drive home from the gym I listened to my little sister tell me a plot to an episode of Good Luck Charlie. She didn't know I knew it was Good Luck Charlie so she explained every aspect of the show. She told me what each character looks like and what they did. She told me everything she thought was funny. I just let her tell me. It made me laugh because it seems like that was me a few years ago, it also made me laugh because it made me think "is this what being a mother is like?" That freaked me out a bit. I mean, I only have two more years of high school, then we are released into the real world.

Oh how short these last 10 years has been, an oh how much I have learned. All the people I have met, and all the strangers I have talked to. All the groups I have been a part of. All the days I made my way to school. All the math problems I have done, and all the spelling tests I have taken. All the performences I have been a part of. All the tumbling class I have taken, All the tumbling classes I have taught. All the times I have laughed, all the times I have cried. All the times I have sat around the Christmas tree to oppen presents. All the rides in a car seat, to all the times behind the wheel. All the Sunday nights. All the songs all the blog posts, all the pictures. All the bikerides, all the TV episodes, all the times with friends, all the "hellos", the "goodbyes", the "I love yous". These have shaped me. These are me. And I love it.

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. Only 33 days until National Championships. Only 33 days until I can eat sugar. See you on the flipside.

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