Friday, August 16, 2013

do his work

 My heart is full. I think that's how I always feel when starting blog posts. Today it is more than true.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to a tumbling camp with Teri. While there, I got to catch up with some people that I had been missing dearly. Shawn, B, and Ashlie all used to be part of the Flipside team, but the Lord called them to other places. They have always been there for me and I love them all a whole lot. It was so much fun to be able to spend the day with them.

Camp was good for the most part. I hit a skill I haven't been able to connect in over a year on trampoline (tuck barani back tuck) and I also did double fronts (front flip with two flips) off double mini onto a large crash mat for the first time in EVER. That was great fun. I didn't accomplish the things I wanted to on floor because not long into the second session my back started to hurt and I had to stop. Have no fear, it's nothing serious, today it's just super tight muscles and a need for ice and stretching. The usual.

After camp and swimming and dinner we (Me, Teri, and B) headed to the Logan temple to do baptisms for the dead. The temple is so great and I have such a deep love for the temple and the peace I have received in attending the temple. 
Salt Lake LDS Temple
I mean, isn't it the most gorgeous place you have ever seen? picture via Pinterest.
I was flipping through my journal. (Because I have an obsession with my scripture journals) And I noticed something I wrote on August 7th...

"God often does his work through other people. Make sure he can count on you to get it done."

At the time I had been writing about doing service for those around us in this life, but looking back on it I can see that by going to do baptisms for the dead we are also doing service for those who have passed on to the next life. Baptisms for the dead can only be done on this earth and the Lord needs us to do that work so that all his children might be able to have the opportunity to live with him again. This gives me even more motivation to attend the temple and to make sure he can count on me to do his work and to get it done.

Again, my heat is full. It is full with gratitude towards my cute little brother who made me eggs this morning. It is filled with love towards those around me who have been so great to me these last few years. It is filled with joy from knowing that I have taken part in helping God get his work done. It is filled with a love for my sport and gratitude that I have been given so many wonderful opportunities to go new places, and to meet such great people through tumbling. My heart is full of prayer for our friend Kalon that he might recover. It is full from knowing that I am loved. My heart is full.

And now, on an unrelated note, yet sorta related since I have been talking about temples, and marriages happen temples, here is a picture that my aunt Stefani just posted from her wedding 8 years ago that I just adore.

My sister Miki in her blessing dress, me in my baptism dress, and my Aunt Stefani in her wedding dress. Aren't we cute?

And before I sign off I just wanted to share with you this video about sister missionaries that I watched this morning. I myself am planning on serving a mission when I'm 19 and videos like this make me even more excited to do this work.


Life is so great.

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. We rearranged our front room and I can now look out the window while I blog. I kinda love it.

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