Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pray for Kalon

Any of you remember the time I posted about that international competition in SLC that I competed at while I had a sprained ankle? AKA The Kalon Ludvigson Invitational. Or any of the other times I posted about Kalon and how awesome he is? Well this post about Kalon is a different post. It is a post to tell Kalon how much we love and appreciate him and it is a call for prayers from each of you.

For those of you who don't know who Kalon is, Kalon Ludvigson is the USA's most decorated tumbling athlete since being included in the FIG programme. He holds 20 World Cup and World Championships Medals as well as setting the World Record for Difficulty in 2008 and 2011.

Kalon was born in Sterling, Utah where he found gymnastics at the age of 8. He was a recreational athlete practicing 2 times a week until he decided to focus on his training at age 15 and seriously pursue elite level competition. Kalon became the youngest senior elite tumbling national team member at the age of 16, and won his first U.S. Senior National Tumbling Title in 2006 and hasn't lost a U.S. Competition since. (Kalon's biography on facebook)

I have known Kalon for the majority of my tumbling life. He and his coach, Justen, have done many camps and clinics that I have been to and they have been a huge help to me with my tumbling. They have both taught me so much and I always love seeing them, talking to them, and learning from them when they are around. I have been privileged to get to see Kalon tumble every month when I am at meets and I love being able to say "I know him". 

This last week something shocking happened. Here are the posts and statements in order by both Justen, and USA Gymnastics.

It has been an eye opening week. Many prayers have been said in behalf of Kalon and Justen and I just wanted to say thank you to them for being so good to me and my team over the years. I will never forget the February meet when I hit a pretty good pass and got a Justen hug right after, or the time Kalon signed our credentials at nationals. I love and support you both and am so thankful to have been able to have you in my tumbling life.
I just want you to know that Flipside is praying for you. And to all of you out there reading this Flipside is starting a Kalon Fund to help you them medical costs. If any of you would like to donate to this either contact me, or donate directly to Kalon HERE!! Anything helps.

Kalon we are praying for you. Stay strong my friend and get better fast! You are always going to be an inspiration to many. We love you!


Feel my Sunlight

p.s. Um Sundays rock my socks.

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