Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Whitney Whitney Blog Swap

Hey guys! It's blog swap time! This where I take over my friend Whitney's blog, and she takes over mine! After you finish this post, check out my post at The Life of a Mormon Teen!

Hey everyone! I’m the other Whitney, the author of The Life of a Mormon Teen! Whitney and I are doing a little blog swap! Be sure to visit my blog for her post! 

Today the youth in my ward had a temple trip. Because the temple is two and half hours away, we only get to go twice a year, usually. The temple is my favorite place. Ever. Hands down. For real. I love how incredibly strong the Spirit is each time I go there. I love feeling how the veil is so much thinner. I love the serenity of people lovingly speaking softly so that the Holy Ghost may richly abide in that hallowed house. In short, I love everything about the temple. 

I remember a couple years ago I was at the temple with the youth and realized something really important- I realized that I was home. Home in the house of the Lord. I remember the significance sinking into my soul, deepening my understanding and love of the temple. I was in awe that for just a few hours, I could literally be in heaven on earth. I could be back in my Father’s presence, almost. I remember touching the walls, staring at the ceiling and chandeliers, and feeling that enveloping sense of peace as I repeated over and over in my head, “I am home. I am home. I’m at home”. It was beautiful.
My grandfather gave me some sound counsel which I shall never forget a few days before I embarked to the temple for the first time at age twelve. He said, “One of the first times your mom saw your dad was at a young single adult temple trip. That is the best place to find worthy young men with whom to spend your time, and eventually, one with whom you will spend eternity. Choose to date young men who you can go on temple trips with, because you know they live their lives worthy of the house of the Lord”.  Seriously. How wise is that? This advice has stuck with me, and will stay with me forever. I plan on telling my future kids this.