Monday, July 16, 2012


Spent the day with my best friend Carina. I'm glad she knows me well enough to just order for me when we get food. I have decision making issues. That's why I wasn't much help picking blog titles and backgrounds for her new blog Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful that I helped her create. See, I'm kind of a blog addict, and I wanted more blog posts to read. So I made her make one, although I wasn't much help. Thanks for the fun day Carina! I promise I will eventually reply to your SUPER HUGE Facebook post that you wrote on my wall, and I will also pay you back the $2.15 I owe you for lunch. Now off to tumbling while my parents head to the American Idol Tour Concert WITHOUTME!!! I know!!! I have been asking to go to The American Idol Tour for how many years?? Pretty much forever! Ya I'm just a little bit bummed! Hmm I hope I get my Gymnastics tour tickets for my birthday!! Please & thank you! I <3 you mom & dad!

Feel My Sunlight

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