Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's all about attitude

Random Nationals pic: the arena

Its all about the mindset. We have changed the way some things work in the gym (now I am talking about my tumbling this time, not my coaching) At first it was a little rough. I didn't love it because we now split into 4 groups instead of 3. Me being border between the two top groups, and because there are more in the top than 2nd am now in the 2nd group. I was frustrated at first because I thought I was better than my group, They are all level 7 almost 8 and I am level 8 almost 9, and because all of my friends are in the other group (except my little Anedy, who is in just about the same boat I am in.) The first day was just okay. I spent the whole time wishing I was with the other group. I was super excited for our new burnout (because I have like 0 endurance compared to some of my team mates, and I want to get better) and ended up going home with a better attitude about the whole thing. I decided before I went today that no matter what, I was going to have a good attitude. I decided I would do the best I can to support both groups, cheering for both of them. I also decided that I wouldn't wish I was in the other group because it would distract me from my own tumbling. I went in with a different mindset. I just decided before hand that it was going to be a good day. That I would work as hard as I possibly could. Let me just tell you. Today was a fantastic day! I had more fun with my group. I am becoming better friends with them. I tumbled better than I have in a long time. My fulls are like 10 times better than they where 2 weeks ago. I lift so much more now and my coach said that I did the best fulls she has ever seen me do EVER. And that she could walk under me I am so high. It felt great! I also did double fronts into pit from tramp (but I have had those for a while) And it wasn't just me having a great day today. One of my team mates got her full back, and another got his double back-backhandspring, and everybody else did great too. Its days like this that make me remember It's all about the attitude!

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