Wednesday, July 18, 2012

inside my head

My very most favorite place in the whole wide world.

Frustration and nothing productive to do. Okay well that last part is a lie, but I just don't feel like doing any of those productive things. My new iPod case came. I finally gave in to getting what I like to call "the military grade case." It's not really military grade but I have been making fun of my parents for their huge, unattractive cases since they got them. But since shattered the screen of my last iPod I figured it might just save me a few bucks if I end up dropping it again. I can't get the screen protector to go on without a bunch of little air bubbles. I hate air bubbles so I figured I'd try again later. But hey, its purple so it can't look to bad right?! These last couple of days have been thought provoking. thoughts like this:
holy cow the end of my fabulous summer will eventually come to an end!
How will I make money with no job??
Why am I wasting these last few moments I have of summer in my pjs?
  I'm going to be in high school soon.....
I want to go back to EFY, Youth conference, and Nationals
Carina and Lauren are the only two friends I've seen all summer! I'm so thankful for them, but where have all my other friends disappeared to?  
What will I do for the rest of my life? 
I think I'll write another blog post even and I hope someone reads it.
What if my boss doesn't give me more hours it the fall?
Will I have to go get another job?
I don't want to grow up!
But maybe I do...
I miss mamma Randi, and mamma Kjarinda, and Daddy Braden...and my upbraideth not siblings!
Theater...that was fun...and now just a memory    
My neighbor is getting married...Emma and I used to play with her....weird!
Olympics in 9 days...that's exciting!
my room is a mess.
My front door just creepily opened all by itself!!! AHHH!
I think I'll go read my scriptures.

So there you have it folks. A day in the life inside my head. Quite exciting right??? Not so much, but I hope it gets exciting soon because I'm starting to get board, and worried about the future. I know it will all be okay in the end, but what will I do until then?

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