Saturday, July 14, 2012

Panic, disappointment, responses, Snow White, and a missed friend a

My days started off at about 8:45 when I woke up in a panic remembering how I was supposed to be at the Clinton parade at 9:00... Well like I mentioned in my earlier post that didn't happen. So I was now awake and decided I couldn't fall back asleep so I headed into my family room, typed up the remainder of this post A few hours after I start to feel the love responses of that post. Comments on Facebook, emails from people, and a gigantic post on my Facebook page. It's been fantastic! Now I just need a few people to hit follow so I know my posts will continue to be read. Today I went and saw Mirror Mirror with this awesome chick named Lauren and our family's. It was great because I hadn't talked to her in forever. Then we went back to my house and discussed everything from EFY, to boys, to my life plan... Ah it was fabulous! Love you Lauren! Today ended a perfect day despite the panic of my morning. P.s. I finally picked up my guitar today!! It's been a few weeks and I've been busy. {you know its been a long time when you have long fingernails on your left hand! I hate playing with long fingernails because they get in the way) I missed my baby and I cant wait until guitar in high school next year with by best friend Carina!

Feel my Sunlight

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