Thursday, July 12, 2012

home again, home again

I home again, home again
I've spent the majority of the past month away from home doing various things. It seems like all that I did when I was at home was do laundry, and pack. I've been buisy, but I've had the time of my life. I started with a family reunion... Truthfully it wasn't actualy MY family reunion, it was my moms, stepdads family reunion. But I had a blast. Let me just say that we play an intence game of spoons. Then I headed to EFY and had the time of my life! I just reinforced my dream of being a counsulor one day. My company was fantastic, and I loved my counsulors so stinkin much! My testimony was strengthened so much. Then I headed to Youth Conference with my ward. I love my ward so much and we had a blast! We went and saw the Manti Pagaent and it was fantastic. The week after that I headed to Long Beach, California for the Junior Olympic Power Tumbling National Championships and I had so much fun! My team is great. I did alright, better than last year! I finished 4th in my flight and 24th in the Nation. I had kind of a low full at the end of my 2nd pass and I wish that could have been better. I wished I could have placed a little higher, but hey there's always next year. (read more about my nationals trip on my tumbling blog

So now I'm home with no where to be. I've made some goals for the rest of the summer before I start high school. Starting with my personal progress. I'm about two inches away from finishing. I also need to pay off my parents for all this fun stuff I've done over the last month.
Note to self: Start saving NOW for next summer!

Summers been fantastic and now its half over! ah! Before you know it this 4' 9" girl is going to be a big bad highschooler! Okay well maybe not big... or bad, but HIGHSCHOOL! Crazy stuff!

Feel my Sunlight

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