Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday thoughts

Today at church I had a few thoughts. On Monday morning when we get up and enter the world do we remember the spirit we felt on Sunday? Do we remember who we are? And do we remember that we are daughtrs & sons of God? I heard this and imediatly thought of EFY (I know...shocker right!?) And I thought "how often do we get back after EFY (or youth conference, of girls camp, ect.) and forget the spirit we felt there. How often do we just continue on exactly the same as we where before. Our EFY session director, Brother Anderson, said that If you go back home after a week of EFY the same as you had left you have waisted your money. You came here to make a change in the way you live and its our duty to make sure we make that change because nobody can make it for you. We need to be making thoes changes every day of our lives. We don't have to be at church, or EFY to make thoes changes we can make them now. I heard somewhere recently (foregive me I can't remember where) that if you aren't having a spiritual experince at church you are doing something wrong. The spirit is there you just need to recognize it. I have made an effort to let the spirit teach me while I'm at church. And let me tell you it turnes a boring Sunday into a great one realy fast. Anyway, just my thoughts :)

Feel my Sunlight

P.s. I got my interview for my patriarchal blessing today! Yahoo! So excited

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