Thursday, July 12, 2012

blog #7 and counting

So anyone who knows me has probably figured out that I am obsessed with Blogger. This blog just so happens to be blog #7. BUT its my first blog all about ME.

I have a blog about tumbling (my favorite blog)

I have a blog about hair

I have a blog about my photography (still in the works)

I have also done blogs for a group of  friends, my theater class, and I did a blog for musical that I student directed.

so I have all these blogs about different subjects in my life, and I thought it was about time for a blog just about me and my outlook on life. (you know, one of those "Mormon blogs") So here is a little about me.

I'm a 4' 9 1/2" Utah girl. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. I am a level 8 power tumbler and obsessed with it! I coach little tumblers, and my favorite thing is seeing the joy in their faces when they do a new skill for the first time, or the hugs I get when they first see me each week. I quite enjoy photography, and I love fancy hair. I love giving and getting long letters, and little notes. I am a theater nerd at heart (even though I don't perform much anymore) and I will quote Shakespeare for you if you want. I hate goodbyes, and I will be the last one to stop crying when I have to say goodbye to a group. I cherish the memories I share with people and I will Facebook stalk you forever if I have any memories with you. (fare warning!) I spent way to much time on facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and I spend even more time with my face buried in my scriptures, old EFY manuals, and my Preach my Gospel (I'm not kidding!) I am obsessed with EFY and my dream is to be a counsulor one day. I can quote all Psych episodes by heart. (infact I am watching Psych at this very moment). I also love American Idol, Nacho Libre, Soul Surfer, Stick It, the Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and anything Olympics. I make friends easily of all ages. And people often think I am older than I realy am (despite my lack of vertical length.) I play guitar (though not very well). I don't like soda all that much unless its mixed with icecream then I love it. I sleep too much during the daytime, and not enough during the night time. I love all things sour. (except sour milk...) I love quotes. I love to laugh. My family thinks I have a funny taste of music (I only listen to EFY, and country music) my family is just a little bit crazy... Okay maybe a lot crazy! I come from a family with a lack of height, but not a lack of love. Confession: my middle name isn't really Sue... I don't have a middle name and my moms name is Sue and my extended family has called me WhitneySue since I was little. I have more than 1 best friend.  I love my team, my friends, and my family. And that's just me.

Feel my sunlight

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