Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer bucket list

Since my crazy part of summer is over. The part where I got to do things like

And This.....

And my favorite...This....

I decided I need to make the rest of this summer before high school count. Up to now my summer has consisted of fun things like Nationals (Long Beach, California), and Youth Conference (Manti Pagaent), and EFY (Utah State University). So by now you're probubly wonering why I called this "bucket list"...well I decided that since the crazy part of my summer Is over, I should make a bucket list for the rest of my summer so that I don't waste it doing nothing. so here it is!

*Finish my personal progress
*get my patriarchal blessing
*go boating with my team
*go see Hunger Games again
*girls camp!
*& 4th year hike
*Blog every day
*do double backs into pit
*work the 24th of July breakfast
*work off most of my "fun summer" debt
*drive more
*get ready for high school
*help with dinner every day
*sew something
*take more pictures
*keep my room clean
*get dressed every day (I know, I know, but I've spent several days in my pjs)
*get ready for high school
*play guitar every day
*spend time with friends every week
*go to Cherry Hill more
*If I have nothing planned for the day...plan something

Any suggestions of what I should add???

Feel my Sunlight

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